3 tips for choosing the right deck colour for your home

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Here are at SHS Balustrades and Handrails, we are now able to offer you balustrades as well as composite decking boards to help design or modernise your outdoor space. Whether you are just updating your outdoor space or creating a new outdoor area from scratch, we have everything you need.

Our decking boards come in two options: rustic and contemporary. The rustic option includes walnut and grey, and the contemporary option comes in three colours: coffee, charcoal, and light grey.

Deck colours can help enhance your outdoor space and most importantly, complement your home. The ideal deck colour scheme depends on your style, your home’s existing colour palette and features.

Selecting a composite decking colour might seem challenging at first, but after you read our below tips, we are sure you will know what will work best for your outdoor living space:

Think about where the decking boards will be placed.

A very simple tip but also the most crucial is: where will your decking be placed? Will it be under shade? Or will it be in direct sunlight every day?

Darker colours naturally attract more heat, so if your decking is going to be in direct sunlight every day then it is best to choose a lighter colour board, such as a light grey. If your decking will be placed under shade, then the colour choice isn’t a major factor.

Match the colour to your home’s interior.

Before choosing a colour for your deck make sure that the colour goes well with the interior of your home. If your decking is right outside the kitchen, for example, stepping out to the decking with a completely opposite colour to the kitchen floor might look out of place.

It’s hard to exactly match decking board colours with the colour of your home’s interior but we suggest sticking with the same colour scheme or tones to achieve a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors.

If your home has more modern, minimalistic features and black and white colours, you can opt for light grey, charcoal, or grey colours. If your home has earthy tones with traditional features, then the walnut and coffee decking colours would be ideal.

Match the colour to the surrounding landscaping.

Our last tip is to also think about the colours and elements surrounding your decking outdoors. Do you have a fence? A lot of greenery or walls? All these things will eventually affect how the end result looks.

For example, if you have a lot of plants and greenery in your outdoor space, a brown-toned deck will complement your garden.

With summer coming up, there is no better feeling than having your very own outdoor setting. If you need help choosing the right decking boards or balustrade system, please get in touch


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