5 glass balustrades for an unobstructed view

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Most glass balustrades offer unobstructed views, however, some are more effective than others at providing the best possible views. Here, we offer an overview of the best unobstructive glass balustrades for incredible views:

1.    Frameless Glass Balustrade

Of course, it only makes sense that our frameless balustrade system is the top suggestion. As the name suggests, this balustrade has no visible frames and a seamless finish.

The frameless glass balustrade is perfect for minimalistic designs and can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use on balconies, patios, decking or commercial areas.

This frameless system features an aluminium show channel and glass infill with the added options of custom glass finishes, capping and attaching a top rail.

2.    Ninfa Glass Balustrade

The luxurious Ninfa glass balustrade system is almost identical to our Frameless balustrade system but with just a different style base. It’s an ideal solution for offices, showrooms, patios, and balconies.

The Ninfa glass balustrade system features an anodised aluminium channel with clip-on capping that allows the lateral angles of the glass panels to be easily adjusted and offers the option to add a top rail. It is lightweight yet durable and can be used for commercial projects.

Due to their weight, we suggest choosing our Frameless or Ninfa balustrade system if the area that they are going to be installed in is made of steel or concrete.

3.    Clarion Glass Balustrade

Our third option is the beautiful and modern Clarion glass balustrade system. The glass in this system is held in place by stainless steel clamps at the bottom so the views are not disrupted.

The Clarion balustrade system is ideal for walkways, swimming pool areas, patios, decking and both internal and external balconies.

This system offers customisations for the glass panels and clamps, the glass thickness, and the option to add a top handrail. All these options including the value for money and high durability, make it a very popular choice for commercial projects.

4.    Spigot Glass Balustrade

Our fourth suggestion is a very similar balustrade to the Clarion, the Spigot glass balustrade system. The Spigot features large glass panels held in place with stainless steel clamps and offers a base fixed solution with your choice of square or round clamps.

This system is perfect for both commercial and domestic projects, whether you want to add a balcony with uninterrupted views or a stylish pool fence.  Plus, you can add customisations for the glass panels type and finish, clamps, and the option to add a top handrail.

5.    Glass Button Balustrade

Finally, if you are looking for a glass balustrade that will offer unobstructed views but also has an edgy, contemporary feel to it, the Glass Button balustrade system is perfect for you.

Ideal for domestic and commercial projects, this strong and durable system has a stainless-steel clamp system that ensures safety while the frameless glass design allows for endless views.

Add a personal touch to your system with numerous stainless steel and glass finishes, and the option to add a top rail. The Glass Button balustrade system looks great in staircases, Juliet balconies, gardens and more.


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