A guide to choosing the perfect Juliet Balcony for your property

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Balconies have become a ‘must-have’ feature for new homes and a popular home renovation trend in the last few years. Juliet balconies especially became even more popular after the COVID-19 national lockdown because many of us were self-isolating in our town flats and houses with no balconies and the need for some fresh air became even more essential.

When to consider a Juliet balcony:

A Juliet balcony is ideal when a full balcony structure isn’t an option – the Juliet balcony is the perfect alternative for creating a balcony effect. You should also consider a Juliet balcony to add safety to your high raised windows or doors.

What are the benefits:

Juliet balconies let the fresh air and light stream in. Once your windows or doors are wide open, the Juliet balcony will protect everyone and will also create that outdoor-indoor feeling.

The Juliet balcony creates a balcony effect without the cost of a full extension. It is cost-effective, long-lasting, and weather resilient.

Glass and steel Juliet balconies are also very easy to maintain. The glass panels just require warm water and a standard glass cleaner, the stainless-steel elements can be cleaned with soap and water, and our mild steel railings can be cleaning using soap, detergent, and a soft cloth.

Juliet balconies add value to your property and are suitable for both residential and commercial use. They make your home’s exterior look luxurious and modern, without blocking your views.

Our ranges:

We are the leading UK supplier of Juliet balconies, and we currently offer glass button Juliet balconies, Skyforce Juliet balconies, Balconette Juliet balconies and steel Juliet balconies.

Our glass button Juliet balcony is the best choice if you are looking for a point fixing system for steel, concrete, or masonry. The glass provides unobstructed views and a minimalistic and sleek appearance to your property.

The buttons come in various sizes and projections and our team will be able to help you select the right size depending on the desired look, the location of your property and the width of your Juliet opening.

Our Skyforce Juliet balcony can be mounted directly onto the window frame or masonry with a slide and click system. Perfect for adding extra protection to French balconies.

The Balconette Juliet balcony is a railing that is placed across a window or door opening to create a balcony without the need for a costly extension. It usually includes a top and bottom rail in high-quality 316-grade stainless steel with matching glass clamps to secure the glass in position.

And lastly, our steel Juliet balcony railing is a cheaper alternative to our other glass options. It’s compliant with building regulations and is created with no gaps greater than 99mm and 1100mm high. Our Juliet balconies come in stock sizes and can also be made to measure.


We have worked on thousands of domestic and commercial projects. Our team will work with you and find you the perfect railing for exactly what you require. If you need more information about our Juliet balconies, please get in touch and we can answer all your questions.




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