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Over the last 2 years SHS Products have worked hard to improve our carbon footprint.
In that time…

eco-carbon-picOver 2 years SHS Products have reduced carbon emissions by 42.92 tonnes and saved 27.74 tonnes of wood and 194 tonnes of glass. eco-glass-pic


You might be slightly confused by why SHS would be dealing with so much wood, well our Stainless Steel and Aluminium components can be transported anywhere in the UK on wooden stillages. By streamlining our production and deliveries we have cut down our need to travel as much or use as much wood for packaging.



Glass is a big part of the SHS Products equation and as with any type of stock there will be some material wastage. Again through streamlining our transportation process and some clever thinking we have reduced our glass wastage to less than 1%.



No matter what we all call it from your carbon footprint to Green House Gases, we’ve reduced the amount we put out as a company. The volume we’ve reduced this by in the last two years is an astonishing 42.92 Tonnes. For some perspective 1 Tonne of Carbon Dioxide is equivalent to a car travelling just over 3,000 miles or travelling by airplane from London to Los Angeles.
SHS Products will always endeavour to be conscious of our environmental impact, and will work to find ways to improve our manufacturing process whilst reducing carbon emissions.


We are currently going through the process to acquire the ISO 14001 certificate for Environmental Management Systems. We’ve made a lot of changes in the last couple of years and SHS Products will continue to produce quality balustrading and handrails whilst minimizing our impact on the environment.