About Us

At SHS, charitable fundraising is important to us. Throughout 2017 we will be taking part in Dress Down Fridays every month to raise money. It’s a tradition that we’ve kept up for many years and will continue for many years to come! We’ll also be doing other campaigns to help do our bit for charity, so to see what fundraising fun we get up to during the year, sign up to our newsletter in the bottom right footer of this web page or click here to bookmark our blog.

During 2016 we donated £5 from every full balustrade order to one of two chosen charities. The year’s total was split equally at the end of 2016, and we made the donations in one lump sum to both incredibly deserving charities. The two charities were chosen by our members of staff, both have a special meaning to everyone here at SHS Products. The two charities we chose were the British Heart Foundation and St Giles Hospice. You can find the pictures of our directors handing over giant cheques here!

St Giles Hospice
St Giles Hospice is a registered charity that provides high quality medical and nursing care for those suffering with Cancer and other serious illnesses, in the local area. St Giles Hospice also offers support for the families and helpers of those affected. The range of support offered by St Giles Hospice is provided free of charge, although St Giles receives some government funding, they rely heavily on donations.


British Heart Foundation
British Heart Foundation is the nation’s largest independent funder of cardiovascular research. Throughout their 50 years of cutting edge research the British Heart Foundation have already made a huge difference to people’s lives. However, the landscape of heart disease is changing, although more people are surviving heart attacks than ever before, this means that there are more people than ever living with heart disease that need their help. This is where the generosity of the general public comes in.

Through-out the year we will also got involved with the charities own fundraising events, from Christmas Jumper days to full Wear it. Beat it. Campaigns. The ways to fund raise are endless with bake sales, mud runs, Christmas Fayres and more.