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All About Our Button Glass Balustrade

All About Our Glass Button

SHS Products Glass Button Balustrade


The button glass balustrade is unique among our other glass balustrade systems, in that it is side fixed only. It also has the least intrusive looking fixtures (glass button clamps) which allows for a seamless view.

A handrail makes this ultra-modern contemporary look all the more comfortable. For those who like to lean we have the slotted stainless steel top rail or our bespoke offset handrail. Your customisation options don’t stop there! Your glass balustrade panels come in a variety of thicknesses and colours. Toughened Safety Glass or Toughened Laminated Glass are also available options. This system can be fitted to Metal, Concrete, Wood and Brick fixing surfaces that have an adequate blocking (depth) of 50mm or more.


SHS Products Glass Button Balustrade Commercial Building


Domestic & Commercial usage

This glass balustrade system has been a popular choice for our commercial and trade customers due to its sleek and modern look, including premises such as: showrooms, corporate offices and retail units. It has also lent itself well to modern domestic properties, giving homeowners that ‘Grand Designs’ look.



Stainless Steel Components

The parts used in this balustrade system are glass (Toughened or Toughened Laminated) and grade 316 Stainless Steel suitable for external applications. If you have opted for the Offset Handrail or the Slotted Top Rail, it’s good to know these are also Stainless Steel. The finishes available for all of these components include the Satin and Mirror polishes. To find out more about these finishes read our post on the difference here. The Difference Between Satin & Mirror.



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Care & Maintenance

There is sometimes a bit of confusion regarding stainless steel glass balustrades. Some people think that stainless steel’s corrosion-resistant surface somehow repels dirt and other contaminants. Like any other surface, it will require some maintenance. We recommend cleaning your stainless steel parts twice a year; washing them with mild soap or detergent and warm water before finishing it off with a clear water rinse.

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