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Whilst they sit proudly along staircases, throughout corridors and on-ramps – wall-mounted stainless steel handrails aren’t talked about often. However, nobody can deny they are an incredibly useful addition to both domestic properties and commercial buildings. With a handrail from SHS, you can really make your stainless steel handrail stand out with customisable options, such as end caps and length.

Stainless Steel Handrails from SHS Products

You can order handrails in any customizable size, but we do supply standard sizes too; from 1 metre to 4 metres long, our stock sizes include something to suit most applications. All of our stainless steel handrails, whether standard or bespoke, will arrive pre-drilled, tapped and ready to install straight away.


As mentioned above, the ability to customise the ends of your handrail is also available with SHS! We have three different end caps that you can choose from, depending on your individual requirements. Although this is a relatively small part of the handrail, it makes a big difference to the overall aesthetic.

For  the most simplistic approach, we have a flat end cap:

Hand Rail Flat End Cap - 400

For a more ’rounded’ approach, see our rounded end cap:
Hand Rail Domed End Cap - 400

Or for a comfortable in-between, we have a tapered end cap:
Hand Rail Tapered End Cap - 400



Bespoke Handrails

Sometimes, you may need something more personalised that isn’t listed online. Contact our team by filling in a contact form or you can call a member of our friendly team on the number below to discuss your requirements.

Call us today and we’ll be happy to help.



What is supplied with the stainless steel handrail from SHS?

Our handrails come pre-fabricated with a 42.4mm diameter Grade 304 Stainless Steel tube (suitable for indoor use) at the length you require. We supply this product drilled and tapped and with the end caps attached. The wall brackets will also be supplied. The only thing you will need to provide is the screws/fixings.


How do I measure for a new handrail?

If you have a handrail in place already, measure the existing one. If it’s a new addition and you don’t have an existing rail, measure from the top nosing of the stairs to the bottom nosing.

SHS Products - Wall Mounted Stainless Steel Handrail Measuring Nosing Diagram

Do SHS sell chrome handrails?

We don’t supply our handrails in chrome. However, we do supply an alternative finish (‘Mirror Finish’) that is a common chrome substitute.

Satin vs Mirror


Sometimes, you may need something more personalised that isn’t listed online. Contact our team today by filling in a contact form, or you call a member of our friendly team.




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