The Professional Balustrade System, Ideal for Decking, Staircase & Balconies

Luxurious, Modern, Sophisticated, Classic & elegant, the SHS Professional balustrade system gives any domestic or commercial property the most desirable finish.


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The Professional glass balustrade system is perfect for internal and external areas that require a modern, clean look. This system will suit stairs, balconies and decking with mirror and satin finishes; making handrails a delight to touch.

Your home is your castle and when adding to that castle you want to be secure in any purchases you make, especially purchases that affect the aesthetics. That is why at SHS we will help you through the design, ordering and installation process of your glass balustrade.


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Whatever you’re looking for in a glass balustrade system, we’ll provide a solution. SHS wants to work with you to achieve your dream and our team of CAD specialist technicians will work with you to create a personally tailored design.

Customise this system even further with clear or frosted glass in a range of sizes for a stunning addition to your domestic property or commercial project. The Professional glass balustrade system offers glass panels with cylindrical posts topped with a smooth railing for comfort. They are available in satin or mirror finish and are ideal for internal and external decking, balcony or stairway applications.


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Stainless Steel is easy to clean by washing with soap or mild detergent and warm water, and then following with a clear water rinse. For glass, we recommend you clean the glass twice a year, washing with glass cleaner and warm water. Rinse the product from top to bottom and wipe dry with a dry cloth.

If the product is installed within one mile of a saltwater coastline or any area prone to saltwater spray, a monthly inspection is advised.


View the Professional glass balustrade system now and obtain an instant quote.




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