Is an Aluminium Handrail A Good Choice?

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There are a considerable number of factors to look into when choosing the right handrails for your building,

Our guide on choosing aluminium handrails has been put together to help you in your decision-making process. Explore the material, why it makes a good choice for a handrail, the ways it can be used, and the different options available.

Taking a closer look at aluminium

You should first understand why aluminium makes such a good choice for a handrail.

Aluminium is durable, light, and functional, which is why it remains a popular choice for use in commercial and residential establishments.

It is also one of the lightest metals in the world while retaining strength and flexibility.  And it is corrosion-resistant, since its surface is covered with a thin, strong, layer of oxide film. This is especially useful for buildings located in regions with a wide-ranging climate, as it can easily handle extreme weather conditions. Additionally, it is ductile, so it is extremely easy to process.

It can easily be recycled repeatedly without using up more energy for primary production itself. So, not only does it provide functionality and ease, but it is good for the environment, making it an important metal for a sustainable future.

These different qualities combine to form a metal that is lightweight, functional, diverse and popular!

Why is aluminium a good choice for a handrail?

Aluminium resists wear and tear better than most other materials. It is also a very safe material. This is evidenced in the fact that it has a high strength to weight ratio, and consistently outperforms other metals in this regard.

In terms of designing safe and affordable handrails, aluminium is the obvious choice because of its properties. Materials that age well, retain their quality and aesthetic appeal are incredibly important factors for builders, designers, architects and homeowners owners.

Different uses for aluminium handrails in buildings

Aluminium tends to find itself in a lot of different buildings because of its versatility. This is largely augmented by the immense variety of finishings and coatings that are available for it. This can include anything from powder coating, PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride or polyvinylidene difluoride) coating, and anodizing. These finishes are able to last for decades, even in exposed or marine environments.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate aluminium handrails in commercial and residential properties.

Aluminium handrails work well in public buildings since they can provide a modern touch to older building facades while providing excellent functionality. Similarly, they can also be used in buildings alongside staircases, along corridors and throughout many other parts of a building.

Aluminium handrails also make a great addition to the external areas of buildings, including outdoor staircases and walkways, due to their corrosive resistant nature.

They can also be used in the construction of outside patios and balconies to provide strong, structured support which balances with a modern design. Aluminium handrails offer exceptional value for money as they thrive in all weather conditions and possess excellent insulation qualities. This means they retain warmth and comfort when being handled. They also come in a variety of different colours and styles in terms of finish, and can easily match your colour schemes and overall look.

What options are available?

Handrails have many different purposes, depending on how and how frequently they are going to be used.

Consider what the building in question is going to be used for, as well as where you envision your aluminium handrails are to go. Are they for aesthetic purposes, or will they provide guidance and safety in buildings? For most people, it will be a mixture of both. You’ll also want to think about the finishing touches to your handrails, including the end pieces. We offer a number of end cap styles including tapered, domed or flat, in a variety of rail lengths to suit each individual’s needs.

Aluminium Handrails from SHS Products

Aluminium is a strong choice for handrails. It might seem overwhelming to choose between the different styles available, so it’s always best to talk through all your options with the experts.

Our aluminium handrails are easy to order and simple to install. So you can get up and running in no time.

We can provide valuable expertise to help you make a decision.

To learn more about our handrail and balustrade systems, contact us today.




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