Choosing the Safest Balcony Railing for Your Home

Family safety is one of the most important considerations for your home. A beautiful interior is something many people strive for, but it shouldn’t come at the detriment of health and safety.

Having the appropriate balcony railing in place will help keep your stairs, doors, windows, and other areas safe without sacrificing your unique style. With many different options to choose from, you’ll be able to find something that complements your balcony area and fits within your budget.

Why balcony railings are essential

Nothing is more important than your family’s safety. This year’s Family Safety Week served as an important reminder to do what you can to prevent accidents in the home. Many common domestic accidents can be avoided, so it couldn’t be more important to take every available precaution.

As the weather starts warming up, more and more of us will be looking to spend time in our gardens. Your outside area is an extension of your home, and if this year’s garden trends are anything to go by, you may look to balconies and decking to create the perfect outdoor living space. But while these garden accessories look great, it’s important to get the safety elements right before you even begin working on your project.

While there are many railing options for the home, glass balustrades are beautiful, contemporary and easy to maintain. Durable and versatile, they are the perfect way to increase safety and security without compromising on style. Combined with other safety elements, such as handrails and frames, you can feel confident in both the appearance and safety of your outdoor space.

Balcony railings for inside and outside the home

Glass balconies make a fantastic addition to the outside of your home, allowing you to enjoy the sunshine and make the most of your available space. This way, you can relax in a safe, open space without missing out on the view.

Balcony railings are also important inside your home, especially if you have mezzanine levels and other raised areas. Adding a safety rail can prevent falls, helping people of all ages to avoid injury.

When it comes to installing balustrades and balconies, there are certain guidelines that need to be met. The Local Authority Building Control offers advice on safeguarding balconies in domestic properties.

Choosing the safest balcony railing option for your home

There are several different railing options to choose from. Finding the right rail for your application will depend on numerous factors, such as budget, design and space. SHS has a fantastic range of balcony railings for homes of all shapes and sizes. These include:

Domed end handrails

Domed end handrails are a popular safety feature available in many different lengths. Ideal for indoor balcony areas, they are wall-mounted and are easy to install. Made using satin-finished stainless steel, this is a subtle, sleek and stylish solution that will blend seamlessly with your existing decor. Plus, with our quick delivery, you’ll have your handrail installed in no time.

Flat end handrails

A flat end handrail is a great choice for stairways and landings, with an attractive flat end design that is right at home in a modern property. As a simple, minimal product, it can also blend in well with more traditional interiors. The satin finish means this handrail is smooth to the touch and can be installed quickly to give your home the security it needs.

Tapered end handrails

Tapered end handrails feature a subtle hint of detail that make them a fantastic option for your home. Suitable for indoor use, this type of railing is ideal for making stairways and other areas safer.

Custom handrails

If you need something more bespoke, we’ll create a custom handrail to your specifications. These handrails can be made to your desired length and with additional elements to suit your home’s design.

How to choose a balcony railing

If you’re not sure which balcony railing is right for your home, let the experts at SHS help. With years of experience supplying stainless steel and glass balustrade solutions, we can make sure you get the right products for your needs.

Choosing your balcony railing is simple thanks to our easy ordering system. You can get an instant free quote to start making plans for your home right away. We also offer excellent aftercare services to ensure you can install and maintain your new balcony railing with ease.

Choosing the right balcony railing for your home will bring you peace of mind and prevent accidents. A stainless steel handrail is a sturdy, long-lasting item that will be easy to maintain and look great with the rest of your decor, while glass balustrades provide all the protective elements you need while adding sophistication and style.

View our full range of stainless steel handrails today and put safety first in your home.




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