Balustrade combination: Installation of the month

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Our installation of the month is a beautiful project in Cornwall that included a combination of our balustrade systems, the Wire rope, and the Frameless glass balustrade.

The Frameless glass balustrade was initially designed last year, and our returning customer included the Wire-rope system this year. The Frameless glass balustrade was made-to-measure for the customer’s patio with no handrails for unbroken views.

The customer required a new railing for their outdoor staircase and provided us with the dimensions. Our in-house CAD design team drew up the design for the Wire rope balustrade:

Both balustrade systems, last year and this year, were designed keeping in mind the location of the house near the coast. We used a Mirror Finish for the Wire rope balustrade; the smoother surface of the Mirror Finish has a higher resistance to the salt particles in the air and prevents corrosion for longer. The Frameless system’s channel is aluminium which is also ideal for properties near the coast.

Here is the result:

Stainless-steel finishes

Our stainless-steel balustrades are manufactured in grade 316 stainless steel which can be polished and brushed to either a mirror or satin finish. Both polishing finishes improve the appearance, texture, and strength of stainless-steel railings.

The mirror finish is processed more than the satin finish to create a highly reflective, shiny, and smooth finish by pre-grinding the metal to remove any flaws before buffing it with soft cloth mops.

Our mirror-polished grade 316 stainless steel contains fewer grains for dirt particles to collect in, so we always recommend a mirror finish for outdoor projects or if your location is within ten miles of the coast and high saltwater areas.


Whether you like the idea of combining two different balustrade systems or you are just looking for a quote, please get in touch and our experts will help you decide on the best balustrade system for your home.





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