Balustrade Glass Design Trends for 2019

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Balustrade glass is the perfect way to introduce exceptional design to the interior of your home or commercial build. Frameless balustrade glass adds modern elegance; stainless steel frames introduce beautiful symmetry and bespoke design options ensure a perfect fit for your unique aesthetic.

SHS Products is a long-time leader within the UK balustrade glass industry. We have served hundreds of thousands of clients for over 15 years and know the balustrade glass market very well. Our designers keep up with industry trends and our showroom is stocked with high-quality systems that are designed for simple installation.

Perfect for commercial and private interior design

Installing a balustrade glass system is the perfect way to add unobtrusive safety features to your project. Separation barriers made of glass allow for light to flow freely through the room and views to remain uninterrupted.


Transform your staircase or walkway

The professional balustrade system is a popular option for staircases. Durable stainless steel frames add clean lines to an interior design and optional top handrails provide extra safety for patrons.

Similarly, the square tube glass balustrade features bold geometric design including a durable frame with safety handrails made of uniquely shaped square tubes.


A stunning selection of glass type and finishes

Balustrade glass systems can be custom-tailored to meet your specific design needs, and many systems offer options of frosted, clear or colour tinted glass panels, as well as a satin or mirror stainless steel post finishes.

SHS balustrade systems are beautifully crafted and proudly made in Britain. They are built from durable, high-grade stainless steel and aluminium. They can withstand heavy use in high traffic areas – remaining an attractive feature in your home or office for many years to come

If glass is not the answer, wire rope balustrades or stainless steel handrails and banisters can also provide a touch of class and security to your interior.


Free quotes for balustrade glass systems are available online.


Lewis Dunning, Head Designer at SHS stated:

“SHS has become a household name across the UK, synonymous with top quality and beautifully designed balustrade glass systems and when you take into consideration the number of different systems we have in stock and the varying options of glass type, finishes and materials, you will see the possibilities are endless!

Our in-house surveyors and fully trained CAD department have experience working on every kind of project imaginable and we know how important the look and feel of a space can be and we love helping clients create their perfect bespoke design solution.”


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