Different Types of Balustrade Glass

At SHS Products, glass is central to what we do! We use it in the majority of our balustrade systems.

Our extensive manufacturing facilities mean we have an array of different options available for our balustrade systems including Toughened, Toughened Laminated, Coloured and Frosted glass.

Manufacturing pic #2

The difference between Toughened and Toughened Laminated Balustrade Glass

Toughened balustrade glass is thermally or chemically treated to make it tougher. It works by essentially ‘pressuring’ the material, so the insides are under more tension; this, in turn, makes it stronger. These small pieces are less likely to cause an injury and are therefore used in a lot of demanding applications, including balustrades. Toughened Laminated balustrade glass is two Toughened panels stuck together with an EVA plastic interlayer. This interlayer ensures that even if the panel is broken, it doesn’t shatter and is held together in one piece.

10mm Toughened Glass 400x400Glass Laminated 400x400 .

Left: Toughened, Right: Toughened Laminated


What thicknesses of balustrade glass are available?

Toughened glass comes in thicknesses of 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 19mm. Toughened Laminated glass is available in 10.76mm, 11.5mm, 17.5mm and 21.5mm. Bear in mind that not all panel types are available for all of the SHS balustrade systems. You can find out which balustrade glass sizes are available for which balustrade in the ‘Specifications’ tab on the individual balustrade pages.

SHS Products - Toughened Safety Glass Panel - Infinity Install Guide


Frosted, coloured and bronzed

Frosted glass is available on many of our balustrades. It adds an element of privacy to your balustrade, especially if situated on a balcony. Different tints are also available for some of our balustrade glass systems if you fancy a splash of colour! We also offer a bronze tint, which much like frosted glass, adds that element of privacy to your balustrade.



What sizes are available?

When ordering a balustrade, the balustrade glass is cut to a bespoke size in order to suit your needs. However, each system has a ‘maximum center’ which is for safety and indicates how wide the panel can be between posts for that particular balustrade. You will also need to consider the height of the panel. Our balustrade glass is generally cut to a ‘standard height’ for safety, but whether your bespoke balustrade will pass regulations depends on where you are installing it. Our team are always happy to discuss your options with you!


That’s a summary of the SHS balustrade glass panels! If you have any questions regarding bespoke sizing, please don’t hesitate to contact us on the phone number at the top of the page! Alternatively, you can click HERE to request a callback.



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