Balustrade Ideas: How to Plan Your Balustrade

Fresh, modern, stylish – the possibilities with balustrade systems are enormous.

Whether you want to add some stylish detail to your interior or enhance your outdoor space, a balustrade system could be the solution you’re looking for. With so many great balustrade design ideas out there, it can be difficult to know where to begin! Get the inspiration you need to plan your new project with these balustrade ideas.

Outdoor balustrade ideas

Outdoor balustrade ideas are easy to find. From holiday inspiration to modern apartment styling, balustrades can make a wonderful addition to your property. Glass and stainless steel balustrades are perfect for outdoor design projects – they’re affordable, strong and easy to clean – ideal for English weather.

Delightful decking

Raised decking is becoming a popular feature in UK gardens, helping to bring those holiday vibes to homes across the country. The ideal space for dining, drinks or a dip in a hot tub, decking has many uses. Decking is perfectly complimented by a glass balustrade system, providing protection and shelter from the wind, without sacrificing the view or the sunshine. Decking balustrades are both effective and stylish and offer the ideal solution to complete your contemporary garden design.

Polished pools

It’s becoming more and more affordable to add a swimming pool to your home, and a balustrade is the perfect way to complete your setup. Balustrades offer an ideal safety option for the surroundings of your pool, helping to keep everyone safe. A simple steel and glass design is sleek and on-trend, providing you with the perfect finish for your pool.

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Beautiful balconies

A balcony is a fantastic way to add some additional space to your home, providing you with a suntrap or dining area that’s ideal for relaxing. A balcony is an excellent idea for extending your home without the high price of a real extension. A balustrade system can help you to create a secure balcony area that brings in the sun, ensuring you don’t lose natural light in your bedroom or living room. Juliet balconies are also an affordable and stylish feature you can add to your home and are great for apartment buildings or townhouses. A glass balustrade could also make a more modern upgrade to a wooden or stone structure, perfect if you want to make an easy upgrade or add some value to your home.

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Refined roof terrace

Roof terraces are an amazing way to make the most of your home and create your own space to relax and unwind. Ideal for city properties, many people have the potential to have a roof garden or terrace and don’t use it. After determining whether or not a roof terrace is possible, you can set out to design your own bit of luxury and enjoy fantastic views as a result. There are some great glass balustrade ideas you can use to provide safety and style for your roof terrace, including unobtrusive, minimal styles or even frosted styles. A roof garden or terrace is a clever way to add some value to your home, enhancing your outdoor space.

Indoor balustrade ideas

Balustrades serve a number of purposes inside your home. Undoubtedly offering a chic and sophisticated edge to your home, balustrades can be used to great effect in both traditional and contemporary styled homes. Check out some of the following balustrade ideas that can add a touch of elegance to your home.

Sophisticated staircases

Balustrades can bring sophistication to staircases, and with more and more homes starting to embrace the stylish balustrade design ideas that materials such as glass and wire rope offer, it’s looking like a trend that is here to stay. Using glass balustrades for your staircases can be an innovative way to bring more light into your home, creating the illusion of space. Glass balustrade systems come with much less maintenance work than you might expect too, as they are easy to clean and retain their finish over a protracted period.

Lovely landings

You might not have given much thought to your landing, but it does come with the potential to add some interesting details to your home. If you want to create a more open space, then a glass balustrade system for your landing is a simple and fantastic way to achieve it. Glass balustrades also have the benefit of adding a modern touch to your home without having to make too much of a drastic change – a subtle addition that will lift your home and complement contemporary decor.

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Stylish split levels

Ever considered adding a split level to your living room or bedroom? It can be a great way to separate larger spaces and create dining or recreation areas in your home. Glass balustrades add the right finishing touch to both the steps and edges of your platform, making the platform look and feel like a part of the room, without compromising on space.

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Marvellous mezzanines

When you want to add additional space to your home, or you want to create areas within your living room, a mezzanine is a fantastic way to achieve it. While there are things you’ll need to consider before adding a mezzanine level, if you go ahead with it you can look forward to having more space in your property, and increase its value too. Mezzanines have a very European feel, and can make your home look and feel more refined. If you take a look at some modern mezzanine designs, you’ll see that glass balustrades are often featured to create a simple, contemporary look that means the room retains its openness and light continues to flow.

How to turn your balustrade ideas into a reality

With so many balustrade ideas out there, it can be difficult to whittle down the possibilities.

After deciding what you want to do, you’ll want to get quotations and plans drawn up for any structural work that needs doing. Meanwhile, get some measurements to work out how much your balustrade will cost – this will give you an idea of your total budget and an indication of how much work is involved.

The great thing about our balustrade systems is that you can install many of them yourself, so when you buy a system from SHS, you can get to work installing your bespoke design without having to pay for additional labour. This could really help your budget and allocate more of it to the system as opposed to the costs of installation.

Try our 3d balustrade planner to get started.

Or if you’re looking for some help and advice , contact our friendly team for advice.




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