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Our balustrades are simple to install and easy to maintain and can truly transform any interior or exterior project. We want to make the process of installing our balustrades as easy as possible for our clients that have decided to install their systems by themselves.

Our team will always be available to answer any installation questions you may have but we also have a lot of information available on our website for you to read through before your balustrade arrives.

Before the installation process begins you should make sure your fixing area is suitable, you should know what you are fixing your balustrade system into and you should double-check the dimensions and location for any cavities or insulation.

All the balustrade systems pictures below are suitable for fixing into wood, metal, brick, and concrete surfaces. Below you will find some handy installation guides and their pdf’s available to download on your device.

Drill and tap guide:

Download the pdf here.


Professional balustrade system installation guide:

Our Professional balustrade system is a classy design with modern twists, featuring cylindrical durable stainless steel posts and smooth hand railing.

Download the pdf here.


Elegance balustrade system installation guide:

The Elegance balustrade system is ideal for balconies, patios, gardens, walkways, decking and pool areas.

Download the pdf here.


Infinity balustrade system installation guide:

Our Infinity balustrade system is the perfect choice if you want a balustrade that will provide unbroken views and dependable safety.

Download the pdf here.


Wire rope balustrade system installation guide:

The Wire rope balustrade system features durable stainless steel posts connected by wire rope infill and a cylindrical top rail.

Download the pdf here.


We manufacture our systems to your specifications, and they can be fully customisable to meet your needs. Please contact us if you need more installation help or if you have any questions by calling us on 01922-743-842 or via email [email protected]





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