SHS Glass Balustrade, Stainless Steel and Aluminium Balustrade Systems

SHS balustrade systems are manufactured with far more than safety in mind. They are expertly crafted to turn functional safety into a notable design for both domestic and commercial buildings.

Both our glass and stainless-steel railings are strong and made from durable materials that can handle British weather and can withstand any weather condition. They look incredible all year round and can also be installed in all weathers by our team.

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Bespoke glass and stainless-steel Balustrade systems

We design and manufacture all our balustrades in-house and can create made-to-measure, bespoke designs unique to your building. Your balustrade can be as bespoke as you want it to be with some options such as mirror or satin finish, powder coating with any RAL colour of your choice, glass thickness and colours and more.

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Our Balustrade Systems:

Professional Glass BalustradeProfessional Glass Balustrade

Domestic or commercial, internal, or external – our popular Professional Glass Balustrade System is the perfect solution to bring modern class and clean design to your project.


Elegance Glass BalustradeElegance Glass Balustrade

Add a touch of elegance with clean lines to your indoor or outdoor, domestic, or commercial property with our Elegance Glass Balustrade System which offers stylish glass panels with cylindrical stainless-steel posts.


Glass Button Glass BalustradeGlass Button Balustrade

A side-fixed balustrade system with strong stainless-steel clamps that ensure a dependable safety barrier while the frameless glass design allows for unobstructed views.


Frameless Glass BalustradeFrameless Glass Balustrade

Our most minimalist glass balustrade can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor properties. The perfect glass railing for unobstructed views features an aluminium show channel and glass infill with the added option of a top rail.


Spigot Glass BalustradeSpigot Glass Balustrade

With non-invasive steel base clamps, the Spigot Balustrade System features glass panels held by stainless steel round clamps.


Square Tube Glass BalustradeSquare Tube Glass Balustrade

A stylish geometric design with toughened glass panels ideal for both indoor and outdoor areas. The  Square Tube Glass Balustrade can be customisable with made-to-measure steel posts and glass panels.


Wire rope Balustrade Wire rope Balustrade

Simply specify the number of rows you would prefer for your Wire rope railing, and we manufacture made-to-measure stainless-steel posts connected by wire rope infill with a cylindrical top rail.


Internal Balustrades

Internal glass balustrade systems can add safety in many areas in your home, don’t block the light, and are aesthetically pleasing. Glass railings can transform a room instantly and can easily be customised to your unique style and can be used to modernise your home or office.

Our glass balustrades can be used indoors for staircases, fencing, balconies, indoor pool fencing and other architectural and interior design projects. We offer bespoke and customisable options, please get in touch to learn more or use our instant quote tool.


Pool Fencing

Our glass balustrade systems can also be used for indoor and outdoor pools or jacuzzies for private and commercial properties. Protective railing is essential for your pool, and we can create bespoke designs that will keep your pool area secure while looking stylish and providing your house with a unique property value.


Benefits of using glass and stainless-steel balustrades:

  • Safety: The most essential benefit and purpose of glass and stainless-steel balustrades is the added safety to your building and project area.
  • Better visibility: Glass balustrades provide better visibility around staircases, pools, balconies, and outdoor spaces.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Glass and stainless-steel balustrades are by far the most aesthetically pleasing railing option.
  • Go well with any material: Both glass and stainless steel go well with any material or décor style. They add an elegant touch to any property.
  • Add value to your property.
  • Balustrades become a requirement when there is a drop of more than 600mm: in many cases it is a requirement by building regulations to have balustrades as a barrier to prevent a fall.
  • Uninterrupted views.
  • Glass balustrades don’t block the light: a benefit that not only enhances your building’s design but also improves the flow of light in your building and maximises the feeling of space.

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