Balustrades for Patios: What Are Your Options?

Balustrades for patios: what to bear in mind

There are several different elements to bear in mind when it comes to choosing balustrades for patios. Let’s look at these features in detail to help you choose the right balustrades for your home.

  • Style
  • Materials
  • Space
  • Safety


Balustrades for patios draw the eye and create a feature out of your home’s entrance. As such, you want to find a balustrade that compliments your building’s exterior and adds style to your patio.

Instead of having their patio balustrades all in one material, many people choose to combine two – such as aluminium and glass. For instance, horizontal railings in one colour can be mixed with a complementary colour or material to add to the style of your home, or to change the function of the balustrades. Metal and glass combine well, providing less of a visual barrier between you and your garden.

Depending on the look of your home, you might choose a detail like timber palings, stainless steel cables or frames to emphasise your home’s unique look.


Materials for balustrades come in a range of different coatings and finishes. You can also choose varying thicknesses to meet your home’s unique requirements. Depending on the look of your home and the style you prefer, you have several options when it comes to choosing a material.

  • Glass balustrades: Glass balustrades for patios create a minimal look that does not impede the vision of your garden. This means you can see everything when you’re entertaining guests or supervising children.  They look great with either modern or traditional homes, and they draw the eye without encroaching on the space. You can opt for glass with an opaque finish if you are concerned about privacy. Manufacturers use safety glass to prevent cracks and breakage, so you can show off your bespoke glass balustrade without worrying about potential hazards.
  • Aluminium and stainless steel balustrades: Metal balustrades create a traditional and sturdy look that weathers all kinds of outside elements. These are a practical choice, and they can be painted in a colour to suit your home’s aesthetic. You just need to make sure any metal is galvanized before it’s painted so that it doesn’t rust.
  • Wooden fencing and railings: Although wooden fences and railings aren’t as durable or attractive as balustrades, many people choose to have them on their patios. Bear in mind that any railings or fencing you install will still need to meet minimum height requirements, and that wood requires significantly more maintenance than glass or metal.


Many designers and property owners use balustrades for patios to help zone off areas of the garden and home. This helps them define the patio and separate between interior and exterior parts of the home. This works particularly well if you use your patio for a dining area and you want to separate it from the rest of the garden.

Balustrades for patios add definition to your garden and create variations in height, which are pleasing to the eye (this is a technique often used by gardeners and landscapers to create the same effect). Choose between a stainless-steel structure that stands out or a minimally imposing glass balustrade to fit seamlessly into your garden’s design.


If you’re climbing a high staircase or looking over a balcony, it’s imperative that you have a guard there to protect you from a potentially fatal fall. Although balustrades for patios are usually installed at ground level, there are times when patios are used to solve the issue of uneven ground. Therefore, some patios are slightly raised above ground level, and could prove to be a hazard for the elderly or young children.

For this reason, many people decide to install balustrades for patio safety. If there is a significant drop between your patio and the ground, you must adhere to balustrade height regulations to ensure they are safe. These minimum height requirements must be maintained all along the handrail.

While you want to enjoy your garden and it’s great to have your patio looking nice, safety is essential. Luckily, balustrades provide the perfect safety barrier without detracting from your home’s aesthetic.


If your patio looks onto your neighbour’s home, building a balustrade could provide you with more privacy. There are many different options for making your balustrades for patios more private, such as a lattice design, frosted glass or a living screen. Using the right materials for your balustrades means that you don’t have to rely on additional panelling or fencing to make your patio private. Even if you opt for glass balustrades for patios, you can choose frosted or tinted glass to create a more enclosed and private space.

Why choose balustrades for patios?

There are many reasons why people choose balustrades for patios. Not only do they improve safety and add definition to your patio, but they create stunning design features that zone off areas and add style to your outside space.

The overall look of your balustrades will depend on the materials and design features you choose, which it’s why it’s important to use a bespoke supplier. You’ll need an experienced professional to consider the unique requirements of your property, such as the safety, privacy and aesthetics of your patio.

There are minimum height regulations to adhere to that must be taken seriously to keep people safe and help you avoid a fine. Luckily, the right supplier will be aware of these regulations and will make sure you are compliant. SHS is an accredited manufacturer, supplier and installer of balustrades for both domestic and commercial purposes. We design, produce and install stunning balustrades in glass and stainless steel that don’t just provide safety, they also provide style.


To find out more, contact us on 01922 461516, or use our balustrade planner for your free online quote.




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