Where to Find Bespoke Handrails for Stairs

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Are you looking to install a staircase but don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing handrails for stairs?

Perhaps you already have a staircase and you need to update or replace your handrail. In either case, incorporating both safety and style into your home can be tricky. A well-crafted staircase can make a statement and enhance your property, but it needs to be safe to use.

Making a statement with bespoke staircases

Staircases do so much more than lead you from one floor to another. Staircases are design features in their own right. They make an architectural statement and add value to a home, as well as serving a necessary safety function.

You may live in a cottage or period property and consider your only option to be a traditional set of stairs. However, with some lattice panelling and pastel coloured steps, you could create a charming and unique staircase design. You can also enhance a minimalistic, contemporary home with the installation of a stainless steel handrail on your existing stairs.

Whatever design you have in mind, there are several handrail options for bespoke staircases. These include:

Integrated or wall-mounted

Firstly, you’ll need to work out if you want a handrail that attaches to the wall (wall-mounted) or one that sits on top of the bannister or balustrade (integrated). Wall-mounted handrails are separate from the balustrade. They can be used instead of (or as well as) a balustrade, depending on which option you prefer.

Integrated handrails become part of the overall construction of the balustrade, which is supported at each end by a newel post. This is where you hang your coat at the bottom of the stairs. The handrail can be attached to different materials such as glass, metal or wood depending on your personal taste.

Aluminium stair balustrades

Bespoke staircases can really stand out when you use aluminium handrails. While an original metal finish is attractive and modern, aluminium balustrades can be powder coated in either solid or metallic colours to seamlessly integrate with your decor. The powder coating comes in a satin, long-lasting non-chip finish for easy upkeep.

Wire rope balustrades

With stainless steel posts connected by heavy duty wire rope infill, you can create a clean and modern balustrade to fit your specifications. Topped off by a cylindrical handrail, wire rope balustrades are versatile, hard wearing and low maintenance. They can be used on both internal and external staircases.

Steel rod balustrades

If it’s a contemporary look you’re going for, why not consider a steel rod balustrade? Stainless steel posts are connected by hollow tubes and have a handrail sitting on the top. They’re perfect for either an internal staircase or outdoor decking. They’re low maintenance too, as they only need cleaning twice a year with soap and water.

Glass balustrades

If you want the light to flow between levels or rooms in your property, then why not install a glass balustrade solution? Suitable for modern interiors, as well as outdoor areas like patios and decks, glass balustrades come in many different finishes, including clear or frosted glass. If you have a small property, an ultramodern glass balustrade can create the illusion of spaciousness and will transform a room instantly.

Glass and metal combo

If your home has an urban theme, the industrial style influence of a dark metal handrail coupled with a glass balustrade is a great choice. Clean, straight lines and the transparency of the glass will give a minimalist feel while still providing safety and protection.

Wooden balustrades

Wood is a hugely versatile material that can bring any staircase alive. Who can resist the beauty of a classic design of parallel, vertical pieces of wood with a handrail holding them together? Or how about a contrasting yet eye-catching chunky modern stairs against a classic handrail? Wood is strong and sturdy and can be adapted to suit all types of design or decor.

Wood and metal

Because of its classic-meets-contemporary feel, a wood and metal combination is popular for bespoke staircases. Often, the stairs and handrail are wooden with the balustrade being made of metal. Imagine polished dark wood set off against a black metal frame making a stylish statement in your home.

Ornate iron railings

If you have an older property and want to maintain the period architecture, a bespoke staircase of detailed iron railings could suit your home. An ornately detailed design can be an art form in itself, complementing elegant furnishings and enhancing the natural beauty of your home.


A stone staircase can be a stunning addition to a traditional property. Mainly used externally, stone staircases are usually made by casting or carving, the latter being the most expensive option. Stone also looks magnificent as a border for balconies and patios, or along the sides of steps.

Once you are clear on the type of handrail you want, it’s time to choose the materials and design of your staircase. Sleek and minimalist? Eye-catching showstopper? There are plenty of options out there to help you transform a functional element of your home into a focal point.

Where to find handrails for bespoke staircases

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