Balustrades: A Buying, Installation & Maintenance Guide


Since 2005 SHS Products has designed, manufactured and installed quality aluminium, stainless steel and glass balustrade systems for domestic and commercial properties across the UK.

Our designs, materials, and customisable features have grown with us over the years. To help you navigate our robust range of balustrade and handrail systems, we’ve created this useful Balustrade Buying Guide.

The following guides provides detailed descriptions of our various systems, fittings and accessories as well as helpful tips on how to choose the right system for your home or business.

About SHS Products

We’ve built a reputation to be proud of as designers, manufacturers and installers of glazed stainless steel handrail and railing systems.

We strive to provide the best systems and customer service to all of our clients – from home owners to famous brands like Marks & Spencer, Bentley, The National History Museum, Audi, Selfridges, Bet 365 and West Bromwich Albion Football Club.

No job is ever too big or too small. We are as happy making tight budgets stretch further as we are dealing with flagship projects. Every project we undertake benefits from our staffs’ decades of knowledge, experience and desire to see a job well done.

Quality is key in everything we do. We belong to the Guild of Master Craftsmen, the British Stainless Steel Association and the Federation of Master Builders. We’re also proud to carry the Made in Britain badge. To learn more about SHS Product, please visit our About page.

What is a balustrade?

If you’re not too sure what a balustrade is, you’re not alone. Many people get confused about the difference between balustrades, balusters, railings, banisters and handrails.

A balustrade is a railing system made up of numerous supporting vertical posts (or spindles) called ‘balusters’. These balusters are connected together and spaced evenly apart to form a unit with a handrail positioned along the top.

To put it another way, the term ‘balustrade’ refers to the combination of the handrail and the balusters which together form a decorative railing system. Banisters are more or less the same thing.

Balustrades main purposes are safety and privacy. They help to reduce the possibility of people or objects falling from a heightened platform (such as a staircase, terrace or balcony) or to cordon off an area for privacy purposes.