Choosing between Satin or Mirror finish for your stainless steel balustrade

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Our stainless steel balustrades and glass balustrades are all manufactured in Grade 316 stainless steel and can be polished and brushed to either a satin or mirror finish – it’s your choice.

Balustrades are an essential safety measure in many cases, but it is also important that they are well-designed and suit your style and requirements. Any type of polishing improves the appearance, texture, and strength of stainless steel.

Selecting the right finish for the stainless components, posts and fixings of your balustrade depends on both personal and practical factors.

Why you should choose a mirror finish:

The mirror finish has a lovely shiny and smooth finish. This is done by pre-grinding the metal to remove any flaws before buffing it with soft cloth mops. The mirror finish is processed more than the satin finish to create a highly reflective surface. Our mirror polished grade 316 stainless steel contains less grains for dirt particles to collect in.

We recommend a mirror finish for outdoor projects or if your location is within ten miles of the coast and high saltwater areas. It is also ideal for high humidity places like around a pool or a hot tub.

Why you should choose a satin finish:

The satin finish provides a matt finish that is perfect for architectural applications where appearance is the priority.

Smooth to the touch, the satin finish is a classic option that will never go out of fashion. The surface might not be reflective and shiny but that can be a positive as smudges and dirt don’t show up as easily, meaning it doesn’t need to be cleaned and polished as much.

Both the satin and mirror finishes offer extra durability but no matter what stainless steel finish you choose, we recommend you clean all areas of your balustrade every few months.

Here are some useful tips:

We understand it is a crucial decision to get the right finish for your balustrade, so if you have any questions please contact us and our team will be happy to advise.

View our balustrade range to choose your perfect stainless steel or glass balustrade system.






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