Which Balustrade Is Best for Composite Decking Ideas?

Decking is a great way to join your indoor and outdoor spaces together, providing a safe and accessible area where you can sit and enjoy your garden. Here we’ve listed some great decking ideas.

In homes and public spaces, decking can be used as a landscaping feature or an extension of inside space.

Made from real or composite wood, decks are more versatile than patios. What’s more, they can be raised to provide a level surface even if the ground underneath is uneven. The best composite decking and wooden decks blend seamlessly with your garden environment, looking and feeling less imposing than stone or metal structures.

Decks are often slightly raised to meet your doors and allow access straight from inside, or to create a raised area in the garden to enjoy the best of the weather. With this in mind, it may be necessary to add balustrades or railing to your decking to keep the area safe.

It’s unlikely that you’d want a solid wooden fence skirting around your decking as it will block the light and require a lot of maintenance. Instead, you’ll need something simple and practical that adds to your aesthetic instead of being an eyesore.

When does your decking need a balustrade?

Requirements for decking balustrades are different depending on the type of deck you’ve had installed. A deck that’s level with the ground won’t require planning permission, nor will you need to install balustrades for safety. If you’re not sure, you can consult UK building regulations to calculate the height and location of your balustrades.

Low-level decks (under 60cm) require balustrades that are at least 90cm in height for flat levels and staircases. A deck constructed at a higher level of over 60cm will require balustrades of 90cm minimum in height for landings and 110cm in height for stairs.

Depending on the height of your deck, you’ll need to make sure your balustrades are in line with building regulations so that the area is safe. With these practicalities taken care of, you can look to the design and installation of your balustrades.

Which balustrade is best for composite decking ideas?

Once you’ve installed your decking, you’ll need to consider what balustrades are best to meet the safety and design requirements of your space. There are several different options to consider, including different materials, handrails and fixings. You can customise balustrades to fit exactly with your decking and garden design and complement your home.

These options include:

Metal railings

Metal rail balustrades are constructed of evenly spaced metal posts with a single handrail across the top, often with intermittent posts made of stronger metal. These rails present a versatile option for decking, with different materials and designs available to suit your requirements.

Providing more resistance to weather and other damage than wood, a metal balustrade will offer a sturdy and durable solution to your safety needs. You don’t have to choose traditional wrought iron either. There are many sleek aluminium and stainless steel options available to give your balustrade a more modern feel.

Metal balustrade kits are easy to assemble and maintain, requiring little care to keep them safe, sturdy and attractive.

Glass (frameless and framed)

Glass is a popular choice for decking balustrades, offering uninterrupted views of your garden or outdoor space. Using a glass balustrade allows you to combine minimal design with durability and safety.

Your windows and doors are made from glass for a reason: glass allows in natural light, a clear view of the outside world, and is tough to break. If these sound like qualities you’d want from a decking balustrade, then glass is a great choice for you. Glass balustrades are installed with thick, toughened glass often available with different finishes. You can choose between framed or frameless balustrades, depending on how you want the final feature to appear.

Framed glass balustrades consist of glass panels set between metal posts that are customisable to fit your design specifications. There is also a top-fitted handrail option for extra security. Frameless glass balustrades are made using glass panelling affixed to a metal runner, with no posts between each glass panel.

The options for customising your glass balustrade are myriad. You can choose different posts and finishes or opt for a truly minimal frameless design. Glass is easy to clean, can withstand a variety of weather conditions (such as wind or rain) and, unlike wood and metal, it doesn’t age. A glass balustrade is aesthetically beautiful, durable, and timeless.

Wooden fences

To keep in theme with the best composite decking, you may want to consider wooden fences or panelling as a balustrade option. Wood panelling provides additional privacy in your outdoor space while also boasting a natural look. These balustrades are available in similar forms to metal balustrades, assembled using railings, posts and a top rail.

It’s easy to customise wooden balustrades, as there are many types of wood and finishes to choose from. You can also select the thickness of your posts and design a top rail to match your outdoor aesthetic. Wooden balustrades look natural in your outdoor space and provide secure options for level structures and staircases. With wood, however, you may need to be more vigilant in terms of care. Most modern wood can be treated to last longer, but long-term damage can be caused by outside elements.

Wood or composite balustrade systems can be designed specifically to fit your needs, with a wide range of options for handrails and posts that you may not get from other materials. Posts can be traditionally straight or can be made into more complex designs with relative ease.

Where to find balustrades for composite decking

Even the best composite decking features need additional balustrades to keep them safe and secure. At SHS, we pride ourselves on our expert industry knowledge. We also have a range of beautiful and durable products to suit every need.

Our free quote tool allows you to select different designs and specifications so you can match the product to your budget and decking idea.

If you’re interested in adding the final touches to your decking, contact us today and browse our range of fantastic balustrade options. Together, we can work to find the best solution for your needs and leave you with a long-lasting, timeless design.




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