Contemporary Staircase Railing Ideas

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Whether you are looking to rejuvenate your existing staircase or want to build a new one, balustrades can enhance your staircases and add safety and a contemporary stylish look to any property.

Although staircases are an essential safety precaution, the look and style of your staircase railing is just as important.

Here are some ideas that can be used for both residential and commercial staircases:

Glass balustrades

Contemporary Staircase Railing Ideas

Give your indoor or outdoor staircase a breath of fresh air with glass balustrades. Glass balustrades can add a modern twist to any space, even if your décor is very traditional. Glass can go well against any texture, wood, concrete, or carpeted staircases, traditional or contemporary design.

Our designers can work with you to create an architectural delight for any space, and with our options of different styles, you also have a variety of balustrades to choose from. Opt for our popular Professional glass balustrade, our Glass Button, Wire-Rope balustrade and more.

Contemporary Staircase Railing Ideas

Glass Button balustrades

Whatever your space, office, hallway or landing, glass railings for staircases will increase natural light and maximise the feeling of open space since they don’t block the light and let the light flow between levels around the house.

Our Glass Button balustrade, a unique minimalistic balustrade with stainless steel clamps and clear glass, is perfect for those wishing to add a contemporary feel to their domestic or commercial project.

Contemporary Staircase Railing Ideas

Wire Rope balustrades

Stainless steel balustrade railings also offer that contemporary, fresh look and go well with any material, adding a professional look to your building.

Our Wire balustrade includes made to measure steel posts that are connected by wire rope infill and a cylindrical top rail. Simply let us know the number of wire rows you’d like, and we’ll manufacture the system to your specifications.

Our balustrades are made to measure and bespoke, with many glass options and finishes. We offer frosted and coloured glass, matt or polish finish and the option to add top handrails, second rails or grab rails.

Stair cores are always bespoke, we can help you add a clean and smooth finish to your banister without interrupting the flow of the stairs.

No staircase is the same and some are challenging due to width, fixing areas, and building regulation compliance, so we must always keep in mind:

  • Stairs wider than 2000mm require a central handrail
  • Stairs more than 1000mm wide require a handrail on either side
  • Wall handrails and offset handrails should only overhang the stairs by 100mm

We help our customers find the perfect balustrade railings for their staircases. Contact us today and talk to our friendly team.




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