Creating the Perfect Glass Office Space

Whether you’re a big business or a sole trader, you know that having the right office workspace makes you and others happy to work and more productive overall, and glass office spaces are growing in popularity.

Did you know that the wrong workspace can make you sick? Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) encompasses symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, poor concentration and more. All due to long periods of time in the same building; a building where there may be poor ventilation, airborne pollutants, poor lighting, improper use of digital screens and stress.

Planning is crucial to creating an office environment poised for success. Remember to keep in mind the number of people who will be in the space, what you’re using it for and most importantly what your budget is. Once you have those sorted it’s time to focus on…

Light & Sound

Natural light is essential if you want to increase productivity and decrease absenteeism. The best way to let the light in is through large windows, glass curtain walling, skylights or glass wall partitions. Wall Partitions, in particular, allow for an open feel but sound protection for private meetings and a busy office.

SHS Products Glass Curtain Wall Office Building



If you’ve worked with a brand consultant on your corporate colour and logo you’re probably already aware of the psychological effects of colour. Depending on who you ask, certain colours can enhance creativity, calmness and negotiating power. Blue is generally thought to be a calming colour, whilst red supposedly encourages your appetite and negotiating skills. Green has been shown to be an easy colour for the eyes, thereby lessening eye strain and headaches. With so many different opinions out there, we suggest doing your own research into the perfect colour palette for your glass office.



There are rules and regulations on how much space per person an individual is entitled to in the UK. See the rules here. Once you’ve got enough space to satisfy those rules, then you can start playing around with where each department should go and how your business processes affect where people are placed. Is there enough room for meetings? Do people need individual workspaces, or can they use a hot-desk system? You don’t have to limit yourself with traditional office design.

SHS Products Clear Glass Wall Partitions in Office Space


Google’s UK head office has Hobbit Holes and Jet Ejector seats while the Microsoft office in Vienna has a slide. Now you don’t have to go that far but remember that fun relieves stress and allows colleagues to talk in a less formal environment.


A big trend for offices is making the office space feel like home, as seen with Google’s soft furnishing and floral wallpaper, or Honest companies’ meeting rooms that look like living rooms.

Good luck with your glass office design, contact SHS for a bespoke design and quote.




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