Composite Decking

High-quality, durable composite decking perfect for domestic and commercial outdoor spaces.

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Composite Decking Boards

For a beautiful, durable and no maintenance addition to your domestic or commercial outdoor space, SHS products offer high-quality composite decking boards in a range of colours and styles to suit your vision.

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Our composite decking boards are very easy to install, low maintenance and splinter-free. They are made from 90% recycled materials consisting of around 60% recycled wood fibres, 30% recycled plastic and 10% toxin-free additives, including colour and UV stabilisers.

All our decking boards undergo strict quality and structural testing processes to ensure they are of the very best quality. Our decking products are also 100% quality inspected for colour and dimensions.

  • Responsibly sourced decking boards perfect for both residential and commercial projects.
  • High tensile strength and anti-slip ratings.
  • Full 10-year warranty.
  • Expected life span of over 20 years.
  • Durable, weather-resistant, and sustainable.


Decking options

Rustic option:

  • Deck boards
  • 140mm x 22mm x 3.6mtrs and comes in two colours; Walnut and Grey.

Contemporary option:

  • Hollow boards (cheaper option)
  • 143 x 23mm x 3.6mtrs long and come in three colours; Coffee, Charcoal and Light Grey.


Contemporary Hollow Charcoal
Groove side Woodgrain side
Contemporary Hollow Coffee
Groove side Woodgrain side
Contemporary Hollow Grey
Groove side Woodgrain side
Contemporary Solid Charcoal
Groove side Woodgrain side
Contemporary Solid Coffee
Groove side Woodgrain side
Contemporary Solid Grey
Groove side Woodgrain side


How to care for your decking:

To keep your deck clean you can simply use a jet wash, if you have a build-up of mould or dirt this can be treated chemically or with a detergent/deck cleaner, swept to remove and then washed clean with water. Your composite deck will come up as good as new, time and time again with no heavy maintenance like wood stain or treatment!


If you are looking for a way to transform your outside space, composite decking offers customers an ethically sourced and aesthetically appealing outdoor decking solution.

Our decking boards can be built to any project and over uneven ground. Please be aware, we only supply the decking boards not the base frame and our decking is not included in offers. 


Please contact us, and we will go through all your options. 

We’re now offering composite decking!

Please email, and we will go through all your options.