Decking Handrails and Balustrades – How to Get Your Design Right

Decking handrails and balustrades offer a fantastic way of adding some stylish features to your home and garden.

Decking is becoming more and more popular as people look to turn their outdoor space into an extension of their living space, providing areas for entertainment and relaxation. Creating the right look for your garden decking is important, you’ll want to consider all your options. But what do you need to consider in order to get your design just right?

About decking handrails and balustrades

When it comes to building a decking area in your garden, safety is paramount.

The addition of decking handrails and balustrades is a simple and effective way of ensuring your decking area is safe, without compromising on appearance. Take a look at modern decking ideas to see how to elevate your garden and enhance your outdoor space.

Decking handrails and balustrades may be practical, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be stylish. In fact, these features can upgrade the look of your decking space, incorporating stainless steel and glass details that create a sleek and modern look. Complete your decking area quickly with easy installation and options to suit all sorts of budgets.

Getting the design right

Choosing the perfect design for your decking area will depend on several considerations. You’ll firstly need to think about the placement and consider factors such as size, height, and terrain. This will enable you to select the most appropriate handrail design for your space.


Where is your decking going to be placed? If it’s going to be an extension of your home then you might need to consider factors such as whether your decking will be in the sun or shade. To provide you with the best view and to make the most of the sunlight, a glass balustrade system is a great choice. Glass has many benefits including its ability to enhance space and make an area look bigger. It is also subtle and provides you with the safety features you need while still offering an attractive design.


How are you going to access the decking? Adding steps to your decking area is easily done and can provide safe and easy access. This can be supported by handrails in the same style as the rest of your decking handrails.


Decking areas are typically made from wood, and the right complementary materials can help keep everything aligned for a look that is minimal and sleek. Glass is the obvious choice for your balustrade to provide minimum intrusion, while stainless steel handrails contrast well with wood and the glass. Using durable, high-quality materials will help give longevity to your decking design and requires only minimal maintenance over time.


Agree on a budget before you begin planning your decking handrails and balustrade design. Costs can vary depending on the materials and style you choose, as well as the size of the space. Take some rough measurements to help you get an idea of costs before you start pinning down the finer details.

Handrail styles

Stainless steel handrails are available in different designs which can be applied to your balustrade according to your preference. SHS offers Tapered, Domed and Flat end caps to give you a range of finishes for your product. Each one is made from the same high-quality stainless steel, providing a sleek accessory for your decking. Take a look at some deck railing ideas to see the type of designs that are out there and identify the ones that you like most.

Choosing your balustrade design

There are several types of balustrade designs to help you find the most appropriate selection for your decking. Choose from a number of glass balustrade systems including Elegance, Clarion, Infinity, Palisade, professional and square tube.


It’s important that you provide the correct measurements for your balustrade and handrail system. Once the decking is installed, you should proceed to measure the area where your balustrade and handrails will be so that you can order the appropriate products. A 3D balustrade planner is a useful tool for helping you to visualise your balustrade as well as choose the appropriate handrail system for it. There you’ll be able to provide your measurements and work out your costs more accurately.

Decking handrails and balustrades can be custom designed to fit your needs. Bespoke designs are perfect if you’re doing all of the decking yourself and can help you accommodate any unusual lengths or shapes. Our experts can help you if you’re unsure of what measurements you need to provide.


With a bit of planning, you can install the handrails and balustrades for your decking yourself. It’s always handy to have a second person on hand to help with more arduous tasks and get the job done quicker. It’s also safer and more enjoyable to have company while on the job!


Many handrail and balustrade systems require minimal maintenance to keep it looking good. However, we recommend using typical steel and glass cleaning products to keep it in pristine condition and protect it from the British weather. When you order a handrail system from SHS, you’ll be given some instructions on how to maintain it, so it’s worth taking a look at the maintenance programme to see what’s involved.

Decking handrails and balustrades

We are experts in providing sleek and elegant decking handrail and balustrade systems. It’s easy to order the decking details of your choosing to make sure you’re getting the best design possible for your outdoor space. You have a variety of choice to help you build your dream decking, with a range of available styles and finishes.

You’ll benefit from the experience and help of our friendly team when you order decking handrails and balustrades with SHS. We can provide you with advice on prices, finishes, styles, installation and more to help you make the best decision for your home.

Get in touch with our team to find out more.



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