Your Summer Garden: How Garden Railings & Balustrades Can Help

As the summer months approach, we might start thinking about our outdoor space and how we can design an area that really helps us make the most of the sunshine. Incorporating balustrades, railings and handrails into the design of your summer garden helps to separate spaces, offers safety to raised features or steps and brings a modern, sleek design to your outdoor area.

How to use balustrades in your summer garden

When considering the design of your summer garden, balustrades and handrails are important design features for safety and aesthetics. Several garden design features will benefit from, or may even require, balustrades for safety purposes. The addition of a well-designed, high-quality balustrade will only add to your garden’s aesthetic appeal.

Here are some of the ways you can include balustrades in your garden design:


Decking is a great way to create a useable outdoor space for furniture, providing a link between indoor and outdoor spaces. At certain heights, you’ll need to make sure suitable balustrades are installed in order to keep your decking safe. Balustrades and handrails can keep your outside area secure, while also bringing the garden to life through intelligent and attractive design.

A decking area can be separated from lawns, plants or other features by a well-placed balustrade. A simple, modern design incorporating glass can provide the separation you need, while allowing a full filtration of light and views through the balustrade. This application combines safety and separation without compromising your view.


If your summer garden design uses any staircases, for example from a decking area or between lower and higher ground in the garden, you may want to consider handrails and balustrades as a design feature. Not only will these installations keep you and your family safe on the stairs, but you can add bold or subtle design features depending on your taste.

Sleek stainless steel handrails are timeless in design and ergonomically easy to use, providing a safe and attractive addition to a staircase without detracting from the overall aesthetic of your garden. Using minimal handrails or glass balustrades allows for the design to remain uninhibited by large, bulky or dark accessories, and instead encourages the flow of light and feeling of space throughout your summer garden.

Separating garden areas

Even on a flat surface, you may have different areas of your summer garden that you’d like to remain separate. A paved or gravelled area can be kept separate from plants or lawns by introducing stylish balustrades to your garden design. Modern glass balustrades, with or without handrails, provide a clear divide between different garden areas, whilst still encouraging a flow of light and uninterrupted views of your garden.


If your outdoor space is limited, balconies are a great way to enjoy a summer garden without painstaking and expensive landscaping. A well-placed balcony allows you to sit outside and enjoy the sun and the atmosphere. Of course, given that many balconies are above ground floor height, you’re going to need railings and handrails to ensure maximum safety.

Simple railings or a glass balustrade increase your range of viewing from the balcony area, let in more light and encourage a flow of light and space between your indoors and outdoors. Balconies are easily customisable with furniture and plants, so why not express your creative side when choosing balcony rails or balustrades as well?


Canopies are an excellent way to merge the outdoors and indoors. In reality, summer can often yield more disappointing weather than weeks of endless sun, but a well-placed glass canopy could allow you to enjoy the warmer weather regardless of the cloud coverage. Canopies are great ideas for commercial buildings in particular, offering shade from the sun and other weather elements. Well-constructed glass and metal canopies add beauty and practicality to commercial properties and can be a great way to encourage a summer garden vibe if outdoor space is limited.

Swimming pools

We aren’t all lucky enough to have a swimming pool at our personal disposal, but for those of us who are, balustrades and railings are essential. Steps in and out of a pool ought to have sturdy handrails and railings for safety, and balustrades can be an effective and attractive way to separate pool areas from the rest of the garden.

If your summer garden backs on to a natural body of water, such as the sea or a lake, you may want to consider balustrades as a divisive and safer design feature. Access to such areas is a privilege, but safety is just as important. Installing balustrades or railings around the edges of water features such as pools or naturally occurring water bodies suitably divides your outdoor space in an attractive way, whilst making sure there aren’t any accidents with children or pets falling in the water.


Your summer garden may be beautiful, but perhaps you don’t want to share that with everyone on your street. Balustrades and railings can provide adequate privacy from neighbouring buildings or areas without detracting from your aesthetic ideals. Raised areas or decks may require additional railings or balustrades to keep your space a little more private, and again, if your garden is near a public space, you’ll want to ensure safety and privacy through well-placed balustrades and railings.

Balustrades, railings and handrails can be fitted to many different design aspects of your summer garden. Our high-quality materials make for durable and attractive pieces that are customised to suit your needs and design preferences.

Our online quote tool even allows you to generate a quote based on the size and design of your balustrade or railing components.

If you’re looking to improve the aesthetics of your summer garden, please contact us. Solid, reliable and beautiful, your garden will benefit in the long-term from our quality products regardless of your design specifications.




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