Easy Guide to Installing a Balustrade: Professional or Elegance

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Are you looking for advice on installing your balustrade? SHS has an easy step by step fitting guide to help you out.

If you are installing an Elegance Glass Balustrade system, or a Professional Glass Balustrade system, your first steps will be extremely similar (if not exactly the same). Never fear we’ll clearly indicate which system requires which step. Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or you’re new to the world of balustrades.

Items Supplied by SHS: Pre-drilled and Tapped Posts with welded base plates, Tube Support/Rests (Saddle), Cover, and Glass Clamps with Rubber Gaskets.

Items Needed: 6mm Allen Key, 4mm Allen Key


Balustrade Fixing Methods

These methods have been used by many SHS customers but may not be suitable for your installation

WOOD – drill 6mm pilot hole 80mm use M8 x 80mm stainless steel coach screws

METAL – drill and tap M8, use M8 x 50 stainless steel bolts with locking washers

BRICK/ CONCRETE – (Elegance) drill 8mm holes to depth of 80mm, use M8 x 100mm stainless steel floor anchor fixings. (Professional) drill 8mm holes to depth of 80mm, use M8 x 100mm stainless steel floor anchor fixings.



Step 1. Assembling Your Posts;

Professional Glass Clamp - Stainless Steel - SHS Products
Glass Clamp


  • FOR PROFESSIONAL ONLY – The Tube support/rests (saddle) will already be attached to your posts unless you have ordered Adjustable Tube Rests, which will be supplied separately.
  • Put cover onto post and slip onto baseplate
  • Remove screws from glass clamps to reveal the two halves
  • Fix one half to post with M8 socket screws using your 6mm Allen Key
  • Repeat this process with your other posts
  • Leave the other halves to one side till glass has been inserted.


Professional End Post - Stainless Steel - Balustrade Post - SHS Products
Professional Balustrade End Post

Step 2: Installing Your Posts;

Items needed: masking tape, marker pen and spirit level.

  • Lay down masking tape where your post will be placed.
  • Place your post top and slide up your base cover
  • Proceed to mark the posts fixing holes with your marker pen.
  • Repeat this process for all individual posts as holes might not align.
  • Correct fixings for Wood, Metal, Brick or Concrete are below left.
  • Once you have positioned your post and inserted your fixings, tighten them hand tight.
  • Now check your post for plumb and level. Hold this spirit level where the glass would run as well as at the front and back of the posts. Adjust the levelling screws accordingly till the post is level.
  • Once done please repeat this with all other posts.






Toughened Glass Panel - SHS Products
Toughened Glass Panel

Step 3. Inserting the Glass Panels

Items Supplied: Glass panels, Rubber gaskets, Glass clamps.

Items Needed: 2 x 80 high wooden blocks, 6mm Allen Key.

  • Insert the rubber gaskets into both sides of the glass clamp
  • Place the two 80mm high wood blocks on the floor between the posts.
  • Now place the glass on the blocks and align the glass panel in position in between the glass clamps
  • Place front of the glass clamps over the part of the glass clamp fitted to the post and replace both screws ensuring these are tight.
  • Repeat this process with glass panels and clamps.






Step 4. Fitting The Wall Flange – FOR PROFESSIONAL ONLY

Items Supplied: Wall flange (optional), Top rails, Tube Rests, Raw plugs, and Stainless steel screws.

Professional Wall Flange - Stainless Steel - SHS Products
Wall Flange

Items Needed: Clamps, Drill bit, Ratchet and Tap, Masking Tape, Marker Pen, 3-in-1 Oil.

  • Starting from left to right, assuming you are fitting your top rail to a wall on your left, you will need a wall flange (wall socket/wall rose)
  • Slide the wall flange onto the end of your rail and rest these onto the saddles.
  • Hold the top rail in place with clamps and position the wall flange in the desired spot.
  • Now mark out the holes through the wall flange.
  • Slide the top rail and wall flange away from wall and drill the marked holes with a drill bit.
  • Insert the supplied rawl plug (if required) and slide the wall flange back into position and fix to the wall using the stainless steel screws provided (if suitable).



Step 5.Fitting The Rail To Tube Supports – FOR PROFESSIONAL ONLY

Items Supplied: Wall flange, Top rails, Tube Support/Rests (Saddle), Rawl plugs, Stainless steel screws, Glue Elbows (if required)

Items Needed: 4mm Allen Key, Clamps, Drill Bit, Ratchet and Tap, Masking Tape, Marker Pen, 3-in-1 Oil.

Professional Handrail - Balustrade Handrail - SHS Products
Professional Balustrade Top Rail
  • Wrap masking tape smoothly around the top rail at each point where it would rest upon the tube supports
  • Now mark the rail through the holes in the tube support.
  • Use the drill and tapping kit purchased remove the rail and dot punch the marked holes, drill all the marked holes on the top rail, then tap using the kit provided. Whilst carrying out this process periodically apply the 3-in-1 Oil to cool the drill and tap.
  • [If the run is longer than 6 metres then Tube Connector (EB.900 series) will be required. To connect two lengths of top rail together, these should be glued using our adhesive provided. This glue should always be applied to the inside of the tube and not to the fittings]
  • Remove the masking tape and re-position the top rail. Then screw in the M6 button provided with your 4mm Allen Key to fix down the rail.
  • When you reach a corner or an end where an elbow or three way corner is used you will need to cut the top rail level with the end of the elbow with a tube cutter, or similar.
  • Then glue these in to the top rail and the post, applying the glue to the inside of the tube and NOT on the elbows. Use masking tape on the joints to prevent them from moving whilst the glue sets. We also recommend buying the Activator as well as the Glue as this ensures quick adhesion in all weather conditions, cutting curing time from 30 minutes to just 5 minutes. Care is to be taken when using Activator. For both glue and curing agent avoid contact with eyes and skin.
  • Repeat this process for entirety of the top rail.



Your Balustrade (Professional or Elegance) should now be complete!

If you have any questions regarding installing a balustrade please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly customer advisors, who are more than happy to assist you. 

You can also find our Professional & Elegance installation videos here.








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