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Glass balustrades are a stunning and modern addition to any outdoor living space. They are a long-term investment, add value to your property and most importantly add safety to your space.

Professionally installed glass balustrades are compliant with building regulations and incredibly safe, long-lasting, and family-friendly and help to prevent accidents.

UK building regulation states that balustrades must be provided in areas where people could be at risk of falling.

Glass balustrades not only add safety to your outdoors but also provide clear views that allow you to have clear visibility around the BBQ area, the steps and the pool when the children are playing, or the grandparents are visiting.

Pool safety balustrades

If you have a pool in your garden, a pool fence will make your pool area safer while also providing your outdoor space with a luxurious touch. Glass pool fencing is made of durable safety glass, which is designed to stand the test of time and is extremely difficult to break.

Here is a recent pool fence project we designed that also includes a gate to enter the safe pool area:

Add bespoke balustrades

As mentioned above, adding balustrades adds safety to your garden, pool, decking, patio, or terrace and our balustrades can be made-to-measure for specific areas of your outdoor space.

We have experience designing bespoke balustrades to suit customers’ needs and add safety to any outdoor space whether it’s small, big or an awkward angle, whether it needs a gate, handrail, or customised glass.

Here are some examples:

Add handrails!

Handrails are also available to include in your project, for example, if you are installing a balustrade along your garden steps, you can also add a handrail on the other side, the wall side or anywhere else needed to provide easier access.



Our glass balustrades can be bespoke, made-to-measure, with different finishes and can be customised with clear, frosted, or coloured glass. Please use our instant quote tool or contact us to discuss your idea.




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