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The use of glass for balustrade systems has many benefits such as safety, low maintenance and style, but another very important benefit is that glass is environmentally friendly.

Glass is easy to recycle, and its popularity has grown as consumers have become more interested in an eco-friendly way of living. Glass is better for the environment when it has been used because it does not degrade upon recycling which means it can be used repeatedly for a range of different purposes.

Glass is highly sturdy and doesn’t degrade over time, especially compared to rusted metal or warped wood that you would have to replace. Even if you want to change or update the glass at some point, that glass can be used for something else.

Our partnership with Saint-Gobain

Here at SHS Balustrades and Handrails we care about the environment and we try our best to minimise our impact, which is why our scrap glass is collected by Saint-Gobain.

Saint-Gobain who supply our glass carry out a recycling scheme called “glass forever” where we collect all our offcuts of clear glass and send them back to them.

Saint-Gobain’s return scheme works in partnership with companies like ours to ensure that, when possible, all post-industrial and post-consumer glass is not only recycled but recycled to manufacture new high-performance glass.

By working with a company like Saint-Gobain we can properly recycle our offcuts and panels that may have been incorrectly cut for reuse.

Saint-Gobain Glass is leading the industry in the design and production of sustainable building glass, visit their website to find out more.

Our balustrades are also made from sustainable and 100% recyclable stainless steel.  Stainless steel just like glass is non-degradable and can be recycled to produce more steel for an indefinite period.

We also have miscellaneous glass panels that we sell for immediate dispatch at reduced prices for customers to use whatever way they want.


Glass balustrades provide a sleek and beautiful aesthetic in any home or office space. Glass balustrades complement exterior and interior design and can make a huge improvement to the appearance and safety of existing features.

Our professionally installed glass balustrades are compliant with building regulations and incredibly safe. Read are some important safety benefits here.






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