How to Fit a Glass Balustrade: Infinity Easy Install Guide

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This time around SHS will show you how to fit the Infinity glass balustrade system.

Whilst this is possibly our easiest system to install we do recommend having help to lift the glass panels for safety.


Items supplied by SHS: Baseplate gasket, Screws, Wall Track, Infinity Posts, Glass Panels.

Items needed: Impact Driver, Spanner.


Fixing methods for a glass balustrade

These methods have been used by many SHS customers but may not be suitable for your installation

WOOD – Drill 6mm pilot hole, use M8 x 100mm stainless steel coach screws.

METAL – Drill and tap M8 x 50 stainless steel bolts with locking washers

BRICK/CONCRETE– Using an impact driver use the supplied M8 x 100mm Thunder Bolts. Alternatively use a spanner to fix the anchor bolts through the baseplate.



SHS Products - Infinity Wall Track - Different Angles
Infinity Wall Track (front & side)


Step 1: Fitting your wall track

• Decide where the wall track will go, take steps to ensure there is adequate blocking to support the load requirements.


• Fix track to wall with the fixtures supplied


• Insert the setting block into the wall track


• Save the glass insert and glass wedge as these will be placed on top as you insert the glass panel to lock the glass in place.





SHS Products - Infinity Post Diagram - Aluminium Glass Balustrade
Infinity Post Breakdown



Step 2: Installing your posts


  • Determine where you’ll be placing your posts, specified in your design.

(NOTE: you may need to switch the vinyl in the tracks of the end
posts to change a right to a left)


  • Install posts using the fasteners specific to the surface you are fixing to as detailed above.

(Ensure fasteners are going into adequate blocking and far enough from the edge of the surface you are fitting to)


  • Repeat this process for every post.






SHS Products - Toughened Safety Glass Panel - Infinity Install Guide
Toughened Safety Glass Panel

Step 3: Installing your glass


• Insert setting block (bunge) into the bottom of the glass track.


• Fit the glass inserts onto the sides of the glass panel. Slide these into your posts.


• Push the glass wedge into the track with another setting block and a rubber mallet to lock the glass into place.


• Repeat this process for every glass panel.


Your glass balustrade should now be complete!

If you have any questions regarding installation please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly customer advisors, who are more than happy to assist you. Or watch our video guide here.





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