SHS Glass Balustrade Featured on Ugly House to Lovely House

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Recently one of the beautiful SHS glass balustrade systems was featured on Ugly House to Lovely House with George Clarke.

Our Frameless balustrade was used as part of a fantastic upper deck over-looking a picturesque green garden. The house was designed by architect Greg Blee for the family in Bournemouth.

The Show

The show initially aired on February 2016 and is now in its second season. Presented by George Clarke, who has also presented Amazing Spaces, the show has been backed by channel 4. It airs on Thursday nights at 8pm!

It features a different family home each week and shows the progression of their home improvement. They have several chosen architects to work on various projects while staying within the limit of the family’s budget.



The House

The 80’s upside-down house is set in Bournemouth and begins with a mismatch of rooms set all over the house. With the master bedroom downstairs and the children’s bedroom upstairs, the house wasn’t practical. The family also wanted a place for themselves to relax outside and enjoy the summer.

At the end of the show, the house was rearranged so all bedrooms are on the same floor and the living space is open plan. The main feature of the house is a layered deck with a glass balustrade from SHS.


The SHS Balustrade

The balustrade from SHS was included in this beautiful design feature of the house and was used because of its uninterrupted views and sunken shoe effect. This means that you can see through the glass pane and no frame compromises your view of the garden.

The glass balustrade gives a smooth finish to a great piece of architecture and does not interrupt any of the breathtaking views. It also produces an element of safety to the risen deck while the balustrade itself is sunk into the deck.



SHS would like to say a huge thank you to the Ugly House to Lovely House team and Martin and Sally for our inclusion in the show and the project.

For more information on the shows that SHS products have appeared on, go and check out our Company News page.

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