Frosted, opaque, coloured, and clear glass panels

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All our glass balustrade options are compliant with building regulations and are incredibly safe, long-lasting and child friendly.

Glass balustrades are aesthetically pleasing and complement exterior and interior designs. They can make a huge improvement to any home or commercial space and can be bespoke.

The glass used for most of our glass balustrades can be frosted, opaque, coloured, and clear, giving you the option to create a unique design based on your requirements but also your personal style.

Frosted and opaque glass panels for privacy

Frosted and opaque glass is available on many of our balustrades, it adds an element of privacy to your balustrade, especially if situated on a balcony and is essential for privacy screens. A privacy screen is essentially a taller glass balustrade with a non-see-through glass panel which prevents people from seeing in your property.

Frosted and opaque glass goes perfectly with any design and can be used for all the glass panels in the balustrade system or just specific angles, such as the sides of your system.

Here are some examples:


Clear glass for an unobstructed view

Clear glass is ideal if you are looking for a balustrade that won’t take away from your views. Clear glass balustrade systems offer unobstructed views, a minimalistic design and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use on balconies, patios, decking or commercial areas.

Plus, clear glass offers better visibility, for example, you will be able to clearly see your children running around the garden.

Coloured glass for a unique design

For a unique and more ‘YOU’ design we would suggest you opt for our coloured glass. We offer different tints that not only enhance the visual appearance but also offer you some extra privacy. The glass colour can be matched with your home or outdoor space for an overall appealing design.

Environmentally friendly glass:

Glass does not degrade upon recycling which means it can be used repeatedly for a range of different purposes and even if you want to change or update your glass balustrade at some point, that glass can be then used for something else.

We partner with Saint-Gobain and recycle our offcuts and panels that may have been incorrectly cut for reuse. Saint-Gobain’s return scheme works in partnership with companies like ours to ensure that post-industrial and post-consumer glass is not only recycled but recycled to produce new high-performance glass.


The glass used for our balustrades is highly sturdy and resistant to wear and tear. Glass balustrades won’t crack under pressure and won’t suffer any structural damage. The types of safety glasses used to create glass balustrades are extremely difficult to break and even if the glass breaks, it does not shatter as conventional glass does.

If you are looking for more inspiration visit our showroom in Aldridge, West Midlands to view our samples and have a friendly chat with our team.  We are open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.




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