Balustrade Design – How to Get Your Design Just Right

Looking for some balustrade design inspiration? You’ve certainly come to the right place! Balustrade design can add modern styling and details that’ll allow you to add some amazing features, both indoors and outdoors.

Get help planning your perfect balustrade design with the following tips:

Turning inspiration into reality

You can find plenty of inspiration for your balustrade design on sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. After pinning down your ideas, the next step is to work out how to turn them into a reality. Effective balustrade design takes time and a lot of planning to make sure you get it right.

Some projects can be easily achieved, by yourself or with the help of others, while more complex home improvements might require some professional help.

Often, balustrades will provide the finishing touches to your project, but they still need to be thought through from the very beginning to prevent any problems further down the line.

Space and layout

You need to consider the space and layout carefully. Glass balustrades can be used to great effect in small spaces, but you’ll need to consider your measurements carefully to avoid any errors. Spend time working out how you’d like to use your balustrade; this could help you with selecting different framing or material options later on.

It’s worth looking at the different types of balustrade systems we have available to help you select the right design. Juliet balconies have very different requirements to decking balustrades, so make sure you spend time researching the different options that are available for your chosen project.

It helps to photograph and draw outlines of your space to help visualise where your balustrades will be, helping you to create the perfect design for your space.


Balustrades can serve many purposes. While they offer a great way to add some contemporary styling to your home, they can also provide safety by securing swimming pools or hot tub areas, protecting balconies and even providing safety for staircases.

If your balustrade design is replacing an existing system, then you’ll need to think about whether anything else needs to change to accommodate it. You might want to use your balustrade design as an excuse to change your wall colours, flooring or other elements as part of a complete transformation.

Balustrade design considerations

Different uses have different considerations that will affect the kind of balustrade system you opt for. If you’re looking to use balustrades for your garden or balcony area, then a minimal glass design could provide the clear, simple structure you need so as not to spoil the view or block the light. Inside the home, you might want to think about adding different features and railing systems to your balustrade to help it blend in with your existing interior.

Balustrade design brings several possibilities that might be difficult to visualise at first. It’s worth looking at some transformations to see how balustrades can revamp a staircase or how they can look in a more traditional building. Glass, steel and aluminium balustrade styles are very versatile and can look great in both new and older homes.

To blend your balustrade design with the rest of the space, you can consider changing simple details and materials to help make your interior look more natural and seamless. When opting for a handrail design, for example, you could incorporate some silver or metal detailing in your home accessories and furniture to help complement your new design.


You need to ensure that your design fits within your budget. With our SHS 3D balustrade planning tool you can get an idea of costs in advance to help shape your design decisions. When you order from SHS, everything is ready to be installed. You can choose to have your balustrade fitted by a professional, or you can fit it yourself to save on costs.

You can also think of your balustrade design as an investment for your home – the materials are manufactured to stand the test of time and require less maintenance than the wooden or resin varieties. Glass and steel designs can also help boost the aesthetics of your property to attract potential buyers.


Balustrade systems have aesthetic qualities, but they also serve a safety purpose too. Where swimming pools or staircases are concerned, balustrades can be essential. If you’ve got children or pets at home, barriers can prevent a lot of tragic accidents from taking place.

Like many safety measures, balustrades have their own health and safety requirements to ensure their safe installation for both commercial and domestic premises. According to government building rules and regulations, the minimum height for glass balustrade is 1.1 metres high. Anything lower poses a potential risk of falling.

The glass needs to be tempered or laminated, and it must pass an impact test. And if you’re adding a balustrade in a public place or a commercial property, there are handrail considerations to consider as well. When you purchase your glass balustrade, make sure that your product meets the appropriate guidelines.

Where to get further help and advice

If you need further help with your balustrade design, you can contact SHS for advice. We have years of experience in supplying balustrade systems for both domestic and commercial properties and can help to answer any queries you might have around your design. Our 3D planner tool is a great place to get started, helping you choose the different types of glass and fixtures we offer and helping you to visualise what your balustrade will look like. The tool will also help to give you an accurate quote for your work, which will be a vital part of your planning process.

Explore our balustrade systems to explore the various balustrade design possibilities for your property or get in touch to speak to us about our services.



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