Glass Balustrade Designs: What Are the Options?

There are several types of glass balustrade designs. Some of your available options include:


The Professional system features a combination of elegant glass with attractive stainless steel. Providing a modern look with added safety, the Professional glass balustrade system is a great choice for landings, balconies and stairways.


The Elegance balustrade system features either satin or mirror finish cylindrical stainless steel fixtures that create a sleek and elegant look.


This is a popular type of glass balustrade which provides a minimal and modern look ideal for balconies, decking and swimming areas. It helps preserve the view and can be used with various railing types.


The Frameless system showcases the best of glass balustrade design, allowing you to enjoy an unobstructed view in your home or garden. It’s also a great choice for non-domestic properties to preserve the scenery or to provide an unobtrusive safety barrier.

Square Post

Spare Post balustrade designs can be designed to fit in with your décor ambitions, creating a stylish and contemporary look.


The Clarion is a popular style featuring larger glass panels kept in place with steel floor clamps. There are different types of glass available to suit your design needs. This is a particularly good choice for swimming pools and balconies.


Subtle and versatile, the Spigot Glass system features non-invasive steel clamps which hold the glass in place and is a great choice for both domestic and commercial buildings.

Glass Button

The Glass Button system is a side-fixed system which is minimal and can include a handrail to be used both indoors and outdoors to create a sleek, stylish look.


Pinion is one of our newest and most popular balustrade designs, featuring a button clamp and no top rail to offer an unobtrusive and contemporary look.

Whether you opt for a frameless, subtle design for an unobtrusive look or want to add stainless steel features for style and elegance, there are a range of glass balustrade designs and systems to suit your needs. You will need to consider some of the following questions to help you choose the most appropriate design:

  • What kind of look am I trying to create?
  • What is the purpose of the balustrade?
  • Do I want a minimal system or one with some added detail?
  • How will my balustrade fit in with the rest of the space?


Check out our infographic to help you choose the right system.

How much does a glass balustrade design cost?

Once you’ve decided on the type of glass balustrade design that suits you best, the next consideration for most people is price. The price of glass balustrade designs can vary. Our 3D design planner can help you work out the estimated cost based on your measurements and preferences. Factors that will impact the cost of your glass balustrade design include:

  • The length of your system
  • Type of glass used
  • Width of the glass
  • Type of fixtures

Use the planner to build your custom quote according to your design.

Glass balustrade inspiration to help you decide

Glass balustrade designs are used in a variety of buildings and homes. If you look at examples of glass in architectural design, you’ll see that glass balustrades are often used to compliment the rest of the design structure. Airports, museums, shopping centres and hotels offer excellent examples of how glass balustrade designs can be incorporated to preserve the openness of a space.

Glass balustrades designs don’t just have to apply to modern properties either. They’ve been used in historic churches to great effect, as well as listed buildings and more. Their subtle and unobtrusive nature provides safety without detracting from the look and feel of a space.

Many home types lend themselves well to glass balustrade design. They can add a sleek appearance to modern apartment buildings as well as help a modern decking area to sparkle.


Why choose a glass balustrade?

There are several advantages for choosing a glass balustrade system. Some key advantages to note include:

  • They create a sophisticated look for any building type
  • The glass allows the light in to keep spaces open and bright
  • They are easy to maintain and clean when cleaned regularly
  • Glass doesn’t affect the perception of space in a room
  • They feature durable, strong materials that are designed to withstand various weather conditions
  • Glass balustrades are easy to install


The disadvantages of using a glass balustrade

  • They don’t provide airflow in the same way that wired or spindled systems do
  • Glass can add unwanted warmth during peak summer temperatures
  • They need regular cleaning to maintain their appearance
  • Outdoor systems can pose a hazard to birds


While there are both pros and cons to choosing glass balustrades, the benefits largely outweigh the negatives, as reflected in various examples of modern staircase design. When choosing your balustrade type, it helps to consider the space and the look you’re trying to achieve to help you decide if glass is the right system for you.

Further considerations when choosing glass balustrade designs

One of the key reasons why glass balustrade design is so popular choice is due to the ease of installation. Panels can be cut to size so that they can easily be installed at home by the buyer or through a contractor of their choosing, helping to reduce costs.

With so many options for glass balustrade designs, it can be difficult to narrow things down. Luckily, our 3D design balustrade planner can help you to plot out your design to help you make the best decision for your needs. With our quote builder, you can tailor your order to your needs, helping you to choose the type of fittings, glass width and the type of glass used to give you an accurate quote to work with. Start planning your glass balustrade design today with the help of SHS.



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