Frameless Glass Balustrade Prices: What Can You Expect To Pay?


The modern design of staircases, balconies and other building features is reliant upon the balustrade. It is integral to many elements of construction and decoration, but it’s also easy to get confused between balustrades, banisters, handrails, and other design features.

Specifically, balustrades are a network of railings supported by vertical posts – these are the balusters to which the term ‘balustrade’ refers. These supporting balusters are placed at strategic points to support a handrail fixed on top. In its entirety, ‘balustrade’ refers to the combination of the handrail and balusters forming a functional and decorative railing system.

What can balustrades be used for?

Uses for balustrades include safety, decoration and privacy. Often, a combination of all three can be achieved by implementing a well-designed, sturdy balustrade system. A staircase built against a wall on one side with no exterior support on the other would not be safe, but this is where the properly fitted balustrade comes in.

Balustrades can be used on terraces and balconies as well as staircases to provide safety and support. Whilst the safety element remains critical, it’s certainly not necessary to sacrifice design and aesthetic appeal in order to satisfy every safety criterion. Glass is a popular balustrade material for this very reason.

Why use frameless glass?

Using glass in your balustrade gives a clean, modern look and allows a flow of light that more traditional designs don’t offer. This is particularly appealing on terraces or balconies where natural light can bring the indoors and outdoors together. Glass balustrades can also be practical. They can guide foot traffic, create secure barriers for balconies or mezzanines, and remove collision hazards.

Frameless glass balustrades bring a modern and minimalistic look to your indoor or outside space. A balustrade with sleek metal fixtures and clear glass windows allows more light through than fixtures with large or imposing vertical support poles. Your balustrade can provide an elegant design feature without drawing the eye away from other key areas.

Glass is also durable and easy to clean, as it aged better than wood and plastic. While many balustrade materials are susceptible to warping and damage over time, glass provides assurance and elegance through its timeless and versatile design.

Frameless glass balustrade prices

Extolling the virtues of glass balustrades is perfectly acceptable, of course, but what can you expect to pay for these systems? A key element of proper construction and design is your budget, so you’ll need to know what types of frameless glass balustrade you can expect to meet your requirements.

Frameless glass balustrade prices depend on your needs and design specifications. They can be fitted in straight lines and around corners, with prices varying for the length and complexity of the installation.

Frameless glass balustrade prices at SHS are dependent on dimensions, aesthetics and placement. Should you wish to order a straight-running frameless glass balustrade of five metres for an outdoor space with no top rail, clear lamination, and a thickness of 17.5 m,  then your estimated quote will be £2,085 before VAT.

Different needs, different prices

Depending on your requirements, however, the price of a frameless glass balustrade can fluctuate.

At SHS we offer a bespoke online tool allowing you to choose from a variety of factors to make your balustrade work for you. This results in a unique product and a sliding scale of frameless glass balustrade prices to match your budget.

Our pricing systems consider the following:

  • the size of your balustrade and whether it will run straight or around corners;
  • indoor or outdoor use;
  • inclusion of a top rail;
  • glass thickness,
  • clear or opaque laminated glass.

These options allow you to create a perfectly designed balustrade that is priced within your budget. Let’s have a look at a few examples.

For an indoor glass balustrade with a top rail of 42.4 mm in diameter, with clear toughened glass (width 15 mm) again at a length of five metres, the cost before VAT is £2,123. The addition of a top rail adds a little extra, but a handrail may be imperative for a safe and secure balustrade installation.

An indoor balustrade with three sides and two corners, measuring five by five by four metres with the same top rail measurements (42.4 mm) and again with 15 mm thick glass costs, without VAT, £5,327.

Our price ranges and customisation options truly do serve all your needs for installing frameless glass balustrades.

There are numerous options for your frameless glass balustrades. Top rails can be 42.4 or 48.3 mm in diameter. The thickness and appearance of your glass is dependent on indoor or outdoor use and whether you choose to have a top rail. Our opaque glass finish, for example, is only available on balustrades without a top rail affixed for both indoor and outdoor installations. If your design preferences are for an opaque finish, then carefully consider whether your balustrade will function to its highest capability without a top rail.

Keeping costs down

Depending on your requirements, frameless glass balustrade prices will vary. Selecting a balustrade without a top rail keeps prices down, so is a great option for outdoor balustrades on balconies or terraces.

Installing balustrades without top rails can work well indoors for space division and walkways, making these a great option for longer or corner-focused barriers. Using a top rail allows for toughened glass to be used, giving protection from the elements for outdoor balustrades or against heavy use on indoor fixtures.

Considering whether or not your balustrade requires fitting to a corner is also a way to stay within your budget. Fitting balustrades in straight lines will cost you less in terms of the materials and resources required for installation, but you will need to deliberate your design options carefully to find out what suits you.

Frameless glass balustrade prices are variable depending on your needs, from size, placement, rails, and glass type.

SHS can offer you flexible design options to fit in with your budget and a handy online tool to generate immediate quotes. Try our online tool today or contact us for more information on pricing your frameless glass balustrade.




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