Glass Balustrades For Gardens – What Are Your Options?

With winter almost over, many of us are looking ahead to the sunnier months when we can get out in our gardens and make the most of British summertime.

If recent years are anything to go by, the warmer temperatures will make it possible to spend more time in our gardens and enjoy relaxing, entertaining and getting our vitamin D intake. But what options are available for balustrades for gardens, and which is the best choice for you?

About glass balustrades for gardens

Glass balustrades for gardens serve many purposes. As an important safety feature, they can help you, your family and your pets enjoy your garden safely, minimising the risks posed by swimming pools, balcony areas, steps, ledges and more. Childproofing your garden is important, and it offers peace of mind for the rest of your family too.

With a glass balustrade, you can enjoy spending time in your garden without the view or sunshine being impacted by your chosen structure. Glass garden balustrades can be minimal and completely transparent, which allows the light in without creating unwelcome shadows. They can also act as wind barriers to keep breezes at bay.

Longevity is especially in outdoor areas, which are exposed to the elements throughout the year. Luckily, glass balustrades are highly durable. Paired with stainless steel, you’ll have a tough balustrade that will last and last without the need for ongoing maintenance.

Which glass garden balustrade is right for you?

With so many types of glass balustrade for your garden, it may be difficult to settle on just one design. Searching online for Pinterest inspiration could give you an idea of the type of aesthetic you’re aiming for. Keep in mind that you should also consider the placement of your balustrade so it complements any other design features in your garden.

Here are some of the glass garden balustrades you can choose from:


The Professional glass balustrade style does exactly what it says on the tin. Clean, well-structured and suitable for a number of uses, you can install the Professional across your outdoor space for a polished finish.

Adding glass balustrade to steps provides extra safety and stability. Garden walkways and outdoor areas can become slippery due to weather conditions, while mud from the turf can make walking around your garden hazardous. With the Professional balustrade design, you’ll benefit from the added safety features of durable railings.


The Elegance balustrade offers a subtle design that will look at home in both modern and classic gardens. Suitable for a wide range of exterior projects, it will act as a stylish finishing touch to decking areas, while requiring minimum maintenance to keep it looking its best.

When you’re relaxing out on your decking or sat around by the pool, the Elegance design won’t spoil your view, allowing you to enjoy your surroundings with comfort and ease.

Square Tube

Providing a durable design and attractive geometric detailing, the Square Tube balustrade is a great addition to any contemporary garden. Easy to maintain and providing safety where you need it the most, the Square Tube is a popular design that can be used around decking, pools, balconies and more.

The Square Tube design comes in both a clear and frosted finish that you can choose according to your personal taste. Both are easy to maintain and will allow the light to shine through, keeping your garden looking open and spacious.

Glass Button

Glass Button balustrade is a very subtle balustrade for gardens that looks great on the edge of decking as well as by your pool area. Affixed using a side-fixed system, it’s easy to clean, and looks neat around your garden.

The Glass Button design is a must for those who prefer subtle fixings, keeping your view crystal clear and allowing you to enjoy your view. If you wish to add a handrail, you can also choose from various styles to give you extra security.

Choosing your glass garden balustrade with SHS

There are many factors to consider when choosing a glass garden balustrade, such as cost, size, glass type and design. SHS presents you with several different options according to your unique requirements.

What’s more, our free 3D interactive designer can help you plot your bespoke design according to your measurements and preferences, allowing you to get an accurate quote in minutes.

The good news is that balustrades are easy to fit, allowing you to put them up yourself or with the help of an expert.

A glass garden balustrade is an excellent addition to your outside space, bringing safety, security and luxury to your landscape.

Browse our selection to find the right style for your taste and space. If you need help, we’ll advise you on sizing, installation and more. Contact us here.




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