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Glass balustrades in care homes

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The UK is facing a care crisis as the average age of our population is going up – because of that, care homes are big business, and it’s an ever-growing sector.

With that growth comes increased market competition, additional investment and a renewed focus on improving standards for residents.

One side-effect of this is that we are seeing an increased demand for glass balustrades from care homes, especially during the refit stage, as the aesthetics of a building, and living standards for the residents, works its way up the priorities list.

Increased living standards

Gone are the days when care homes would be dingy, dark places. We are now seeing patient-focused design at the forefront, with a real emphasis on quality of life.

This includes improving the attractiveness of shared spaces, improving the use of space, making areas feel less claustrophobic and making distinct efforts to increase the amount of natural light in buildings.

These are some of the ways in which glass balustrades can help to improve the overall feel and ambience of a care home: offering brighter, lighter, more open-looking spaces, delivering lower-maintenance, hygienic surfaces without compromising safety or function.

Importantly, for care home managers operating in a competitive sector, they can also help to make a building stand out and increase its appeal to prospective residents and their families.

Are there any safety considerations?

Yes: health and safety guidance dictates that any glass balustrade being used in a care home comply with British Standards BS 6180 with some care providers specifying 1.8m high glass balustrade on upper floors to maintain views for residents with enhanced safety provision.

SHS Products is in a position to offer this and we work with our customers to ensure all panels are designed to meet their exact specifications, and the requirements of health and safety law.

You can find out more about our glass balustrades here, or head to our online quote page to enquire in more detail.

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