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Should You Choose A Glass Canopy For Your Front Door?

Should You Choose A Glass Canopy For Your Front Door


Beautiful, modern, stylish – a glass canopy can really make a lasting impression, giving your home that desirable ‘kerb appeal’.


Durable and affordable, a glass canopy can be a great alternative for your porch, creating the perfect finish for your home. If you’re thinking about making improvements to the front of your home, then a glass canopy could be the perfect solution. Should you choose a glass canopy for your front door? Use the guide below to help you decide.

About glass canopies

Glass canopies make an attractive and versatile design feature for your porch. A great alternative to traditional porch styles, glass canopies offer protection and efficiency – making them suitable for both commercial and residential properties. Glass canopies can add a modern touch to any property, providing long-lasting protection for your front door.

Glass canopies have a number of purposes, but can look particularly striking on your front door. Providing shelter and cover – they’re an excellent feature to dress up the front of your building.

Glass canopy inspiration

You can find a lot of inspiration for glass canopies for both commercial and residential use.

Glass canopies can be invisible, providing subtle protection without detracting from the aesthetic of the front of your home. Glass canopies for modern buildings can be striking and fit in with the architectural design of the building, while glass canopies on older buildings can be discreet so as not to impact the traditional features of a property.

In the leisure industry, some of the world’s best hotel balcony views come with glass canopies, meaning the view can be enjoyed in all weathers. They also make great entrances for shop doors and other businesses, helping to keep customers sheltered at the front of your premises, as well as protecting your front door and any signage above it.

Glass canopies for your front door: pros and cons

There are many things you’ll want to consider when choosing whether or not to have a glass canopy for your front door. Weighing up the following pros and cons can help you decide if it’s the most appropriate solution for you.


  • They have a modern, stylish appearance – making them an easy way to make your home or commercial property more on-trend – a great way to get kerb-appeal for your home.
  • Glass is a durable material, and the right supplier will provide you with quality materials to ensure your structure can withstand the elements while also being easy to maintain.
  • Glass canopies provide protection and shelter from wind and rain. When you’re talking to a neighbour or searching for your keys, having that extra bit of cover can be a valuable asset.
  • Porch canopies can block the light, especially if they’re made from materials such as wood and steel. With a glass canopy, however, you get the benefit of shelter without sacrificing the light, keeping your home well-lit during the daytime.
  • You can buy glass canopies in a range of finishes, including transparent and frost finishes depending on your tastes and preferences.
  • A glass canopy can be easy to maintain, and can be cleaned using traditional glass cleaning methods.
  • Affordable and easy to install, a glass canopy can be an easy way to dress up the front or rear of your building.


  • The transparent nature of the glass means that dirt and debris will be more obvious, and you might need to clean it more regularly.
  • The wrong type of canopy can make it difficult for debris and rainwater to drain, so you’ll need to consider your design carefully here.
  • Glass canopies can be more expensive than other types of canopy such as wood, however – they do have durable qualities that make them a good investment for your property.

Other considerations for your glass canopy

There are many things to take into consideration when it comes to your glass canopy, When planning your design and whether glass is the right material for you, some things you’ll want to think about include:


The placement of your glass canopy can have an impact on its effectiveness. If you place it too high, you could find that your canopy becomes ineffective against the elements, while too low and you could find that it impacts the light. Do some testing in advance to see where would be best for your canopy to be placed.


Your canopy can be blended in with your existing decor to provide an interesting design feature. You can combine your glass canopy design with other materials such as steel to create a striking look and a sturdy structure.


Your budget is an important part of planning a glass canopy for your front door. You will find that there are different styles that cover a range of budgets to help you come up with the right solution for your home. Speak to experts to find out more about the costs before you set your heart on the design.


There are different designs you can consider for your glass canopy. A Parasol design features a flatter, minimal design, while a canopy could also be created in a sloping design. If you have glass balustrades inside or outside your property, this could complement your existing features.


Give some thought to how you’re going to maintain your glass canopy. Glass might need regular cleaning, especially if there are nesting birds around! Invest in a step ladder, a pressure washer or some effective high-reach cleaning materials that will help you keep your glass canopy in order with no fuss.

Planning your glass canopy for your front door

Some things that could help you out when planning a glass canopy for your front door include taking the appropriate measurements, working out the type of glass required and how you’re going to install it.

Installing a glass canopy for your front door is easier than you might think, particularly if you select silver anodised aluminium and laminated glass options. These designs feature a rotating hook system that allows for easy and straightforward installation.

If you’re unsure of the type of structure you require, it’s worth talking to experts to get more detailed information. View our glass canopy products to help you start planning your design.

Choose Stainless Handrail Systems for your glass canopy

If you’re looking for expert advice to ensure a professional result for your glass canopy, let us help. We are experts in glass structures for homes and commercial premises, including glass balustrades. We can provide you with a quote and offer installation help and information to ensure the best result for you. Our prices are affordable and we use the highest quality materials to leave you with an attractive and durable product.

If a glass canopy sounds like the right product for you, let SHS help. Get in touch today for a quote and to discuss sizing and materials. Glass canopies are great for commercial and business applications and can be a fantastic new feature for your property.