Why a Glass Juliet Balcony Is the Perfect Addition to Your Home

Juliet balconies are placed in front of windows or door openings, creating outside space without the need for costly extensions.

A Juliet balcony allows the use of outdoor space where you may previously not have had it, creating cohesion between your indoor and outdoor space. You won’t need planning permission to install a Juliet balcony, making it a simple choice that yields great results.

It also brings benefits including increased light, safer opening of windows, and a flow of air through your home.

To fully achieve the feeling of airiness and space, glass is a popular choice for constructing Juliet balconies. The glass we use for our Juliet balcony panels is reinforced for extra strength and durability, so it will stay looking sleek and attractive for longer.

If you were to go down the traditional route, installing a dark, metal balcony could make your space feel more enclosed.

Why choose a glass Juliet balcony?

Glass allows filtration of light and warmth, meaning you can open your window or door without compromising on access to natural light. Traditional Juliet balconies were constructed from metal railings. These days, glass Juliet balconies are increasingly popular and can be installed for a reasonable price.


Although Juliet balconies are often quite small, they still provide access to the outdoors, usually above ground level. You wouldn’t want to let your French doors open out into nothing, so a Juliet balcony is an inexpensive but important safety feature to help you get the most from large windows and doors.

Safety is an important feature of all Juliet balconies, especially if you have pets or children. Railing-style balconies are considered unsafe because small objects can fall through, including pets and children’s toys. Glass is a much safer alternativee, with sturdy panels providing a screen for the full height of your balcony. It is more durable, too, keeping your balcony free from rust and other damage.

A glass Juliet balcony provides complete protection from the weather, which can be unpredictable in the UK. Glass acts as a shield, meaning if you’ve walked away from an open door or window during inclement weather, your home is less likely to be damaged by rain or wind. Open metal railings would allow rain and high winds to pass through, potentially causing damage. With a glass Juliet balcony, the elements remain outside and your carpet or flooring stays dry.

Aesthetic appeal

Design is a key aspect of any building, which is one of the main reasons Juliet balconies are so popular. If you’re considering a Juliet balcony, you probably want the freedom to extend your space outdoors and let light into your home. Traditional metal railings can give this to an extent, but they also compromise your view. Glass lets you observe the view outside, whilst letting in a lot of light without obstruction.

A Glass Juliet balcony gives a clean, modern look that’s as timeless as it is elegant. They can be constructed from frameless glass, with the option to add a steel handrail on top. Metal railings, however, are reliant on top rails, evenly spaced railings, and fixtures along the bottom of the rails to keep everything in place. Glass Juliet balconies offer a cleaner look by negating the need for top rails or frames to keep things sturdy.

The sleeker, rail-free look offered by glass balustrades on balconies adds to the aesthetic appeal of any home. What’s more, it won’t date the inside or the outside of a property, providing durability and style.

Depending on the size of your Juliet balcony, you may be able to keep plants or ornaments on it which gives the feel of a garden even in a high-rise apartment complex. This makes it the perfect way to enjoy nature without leaving your home.


Glass is a widely used material in architecture and design because of its durability. Glass can withstand a lot (including inclement weather conditions such as wind or rain) without showing any signs of wear or damage. While older metal balconies will rust in time, glass remains strong and visually appealing.

Metal railings are often painted, and weather damage causes paint to flake away. This means you’ll have to spend more time maintaining the original aesthetics of the balcony. Aside from cleaning your railings every now and then, you can sit back and enjoy the features of glass panels on your balcony without needing to worry about extensive (and expensive) maintenance.

Should you add a Juliet balcony to your home?

Juliet balconies are an attractive and inexpensive way to bring the outdoors in. Without the need for planning permission, you can install a safe, sophisticated balcony that lets light flood into your home, offering space for plants or other decorative features and protecting your interiors from the elements. At SHS, our glass Juliet balconies are durable, safe, and striking with customisation options to suit you. We offer a free quote service, allowing you to calculate costs before making a commitment.

If your heart is set on a glass Juliet balcony, you’ve made a great choice for you home. Contact us today for more information.




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