Glass Pool Fencing – What Are the Benefits?

Swimming pools provide endless hours of fun during the summer months. However, they can also be dangerous without the correct safety features in place. This is why adequate pool fencing is so important.

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children under four. Therefore, appropriate fencing is a worthwhile investment for the health and safety of your family, friends, pets and surrounding wildlife. Luckily, glass is a strong, durable and attractive choice.

This article explains when and why balustrades are needed the many benefits of glass pool fencing.

When are swimming pool balustrades required?

UK building regulations state that protective barriers or balustrades are required for both domestic and commercial pools. A balustrade is defined as a rail with supporting posts and it commonly used to line staircases and terraces.

What’s more, swimming pool operators have a legal requirement to protect the health and safety of employees and pool users, and effective measures should be taken to prevent access to children when there is no supervision.

Private pool owners have a duty of care to anyone who has access to the pool, including unauthorised access from neighbours’ children who could easily wander in.

Why are swimming pool balustrades necessary?

Appropriate pool fencing is fundamental in providing a safe swimming environment for people to enjoy. It only takes seconds for a child to get into trouble, even in shallow water, but accidents can easily be prevented with the correct fencing solution. In addition to the hazards posed for young and elderly people, pets and wildlife are also at risk when a pool is unenclosed.

A pool safety barrier doesn’t need to be an unsightly feature. There is a wide range of designs, materials and construction options available, allowing you to choose one to match the aesthetics of your space. Many people install glass pool fencing to improve the appearance and safety of their pools without obstructing the view.

Balustrades are made using strong materials such as aluminium, stainless steel or glass. This makes them an ideal solution for creating a secure enclosure around a pool.

The benefits of glass pool fencing

It’s not surprising that glass has become a popular choice for pool fencing. Glass provides many benefits when used as a swimming pool balustrade, and there are a wide range of designs available to suit different tastes and budgets.

Here are some of the benefits of glass:


Safety is the most important factor when it comes to swimming pool usage. Glass pool fencing is made from thick layers of glass, which makes it extremely difficult to break. In the unlikely event that the fencing does take a significant knock, it will crack rather than shatter into millions of razor-sharp pieces. Due to the way the balustrade is created, if a panel is damaged it can easily be replaced.

Glass fencing around a pool allows better visibility, meaning children can be supervised from a distance. There are no footholds on the glass panels, so children will be unable to climb the posts and access the pool without supervision.

The Professional Glass Balustrade also features handrails for additional safety and protection.


Glass pool fencing provides a secure barrier. You can also add a lockable gate feature, allowing you to control access to the pool at all times. This is especially important when the pool is not in use or there is no adult supervision nearby. The glass panels and posts are high enough to prevent children from climbing over them to access the pool.


Glass pool fencing is designed to stand the test of time. In line with UK building regulations, fences are put through rigorous quality and safety tests to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Our Square Tube Glass Balustrade consists of a strong frame and toughened glass panels, making it a long-lasting pool fencing solution for your pool.



Glass fencing looks great and it doesn’t obstruct your view. Its modern design and sleek edges are easy on the eyes compared to traditional wooden fencing. Glass opens up an area and lets the pool or surroundings speak for themselves. Light can flow freely through the glass, creating illusions of space. You can also tailor the look to suit your personal tastes; for example, by using coloured glass rather than clear. Supporting posts can also be customised to blend in with the landscape.

Frameless glass balustrades are the ideal pool fencing solution to add to the beauty of your surroundings, free from supporting posts or rails. When sunlight reflects off your water surface against the frameless glass panels, the view is truly breathtaking.

Easy to maintain

Glass doesn’t rot or rust, meaning you can spend more time enjoying the pool rather than on maintenance. Your pool’s glass fencing simply requires the occasional wash with hot soapy water.

The Elegance Balustrade is a low-maintenance option that provides stunning glass frames and cylindrical posts.

Affordable investment

Pool fencing is a great investment that adds an additional security feature to your home. Aside from the aesthetics, adding safety measures to your pool will impress any potential buyers if you decide to sell your home in the future.

Improve your pool’s safety today

Swimming pool balustrades must meet UK building regulations, which means you will need to hire experts for the installation. Qualified installers will ensure compliance with regulations and check that the panels and posts have been safely erected.

At SHS, we provide swimming pool balustrades to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. SHS Products has over 30 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and installing balustrade solutions for homes and commercial properties. Why settle on unattractive pool fencing when there are stunning solutions that enhance the beauty of your pool?

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