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Glass shelves: Storage in your bathroom can be more than just practical

Smart storage solutions are necessary to create a stylish yet well-organised bathroom interior, especially in the smallest of bathrooms.

Storage in your bathroom can be efficient with a touch of elegance: glass shelving allows you to take advantage of wall space in your bathroom, creating more storage and enabling you to display décor.

Whether you are looking for a large glass shelving unit for bathroom storage or just a glass shelf to enhance the aesthetic of your space, there are many benefits of incorporating glass storage into your bathroom:


Glass shelves provide a clean, modern look while complementing your original bathroom décor. They offer a minimalistic solution that compliments your interior style instead of taking the attention away like bulky dark wood shelving might.

Glass is a versatile material and can suit various style and taste requirements, plus it can blend with the surroundings and make any bathroom design look stunning and sophisticated.


Glass shelves are multifunctional and can be fitted anywhere around your home. For example, you could use glass shelving to create a new feature in your bathroom or display your products in your office.

Safe to use

Our glass shelves are made using high-quality 10mm toughened glass, which is extremely resistant to damage, they’re ideal for safely storing items, displaying décor and making the most of your shelving.

Easy to clean

One of the most important reasons to choose glass shelves is how low maintenance they are. Glass is the easiest surface to clean – a quick wipe and you can keep your glass shelves sparking with almost zero effort.

Here is some bathroom shelving inspiration:

SHS glass shelves are perfectly polished with chrome-finished mounts and can be fitted on metal, brick and concrete. The high-quality toughened glass, smooth surfaces and linear designs provide a balance of quality, function and style.

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Price: £6 each or 2 for £10

Delivery: £6 for 1 or 2

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