Handrail Brackets – What Are Your Options?

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The handrail is an integral part of your staircase, often sitting atop the balustrade to provide a sleek design finish. Handrails can also be an important wall-mounted feature, adding extra security, safety, and balancing of design to the staircase.

A wall-mounted handrail is imperative to facilitating access up and downstairs for significant numbers of people with different needs. Whilst undeniably important, a wall-mounted handrail doesn’t have to be just a practical addition.

Matching the rail to the design of your balustrade provides aesthetic continuity. A well-chosen handrail adds to rather than detracts from the visual appeal of your staircase design.

Handrail brackets

Fixing handrails securely onto the wall is of primary importance. The safety of a handrail is compromised if it’s unstable or uneven, therefore consideration of brackets to secure your handrail is vital.

Not only will brackets stabilize and secure the handrail, but will also ensure the rail stays even, strong, and in keeping with the rest of the staircase design. Affixing your handrail to the wall with regularly-spaced brackets allows the rail to hold true and offer optimum security.

What to consider before selecting handrail brackets

Selecting handrail brackets is a matter of practicality, but that doesn’t mean the design has to be compromised. One of the first considerations should be where the handrail is being placed and how much use it will get. A handrail on a busy staircase will need to be very secure, easily fixed or replaced, and easy to clean.

The correct bracket can ensure your handrail remains stable without fixtures getting in the way of maintenance. Design is also an important feature, both aesthetically and ergonomically. Having clunky brackets that stick out at odd angles looks unappealing and could get in the way of the handrail’s primary use.

Correct measurement

Your staircase will need to be properly measured to ensure you purchase the right type of bracket for your handrail. It’s also important to fix your handrail inline with health and safety requirements for your commercial property. Brackets should be evenly spaced to support the handrail and maintain strength all along its length.

Handrail brackets also need to match the angle of your stairs and handrail. Proper measuring and marking are key to getting your brackets in exactly the right place. Consider the height of the handrail as well as its angle, and the size of the brackets needed to fit behind it. Brackets should always be fitted to studs in the wall where possible to provide maximum anchorage and support. Taking the time to carefully measure your handrail and brackets allows your rail to provide the safety and aesthetic appeal you need.

Handrail materials

Different brackets may work better with different materials, so depending on what your handrail is made from, you may consider a bracket that works well with this material. Our handrails come with design-appropriate brackets, however, there are other bracket options that may be necessary depending on the installation of your handrail.


Handrails from SHS come equipped with brackets that match the rail you’ve chosen. Different staircases have different needs, and we also stock brackets that support other handrail setups. Our brackets come as sets of two and work beautifully with our Palisade railing range, perfect for indoor or outdoor railings.

Palisade rails can be fitted to a variety of materials. Additional brackets for every need are available to purchase, including brackets for small angles, stairs, and corners.

Made from sturdy aluminium, our brackets are reliable and durable, giving you full peace of mind once your railings are installed.

Handrail brackets from SHS

SHS offers reliable and durable rails and supporting fixtures to suit your needs, whether for indoor or outdoor use. Alongside our beautiful railing and balustrade options, we provide additional handrail brackets to secure your rails to walls and posts.

Our range of railings and brackets makes the installation process so simple you could do it yourself, although of course we’re happy to lend a hand. We offer intuitive video guides to assist with the installation and care of your railings to help you along the way and ensure your staircase design lasts a lifetime.

View our range of brackets and railings to inspire your next balustrade for your home or commercial property, and get your instant online quote here.




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