How To Choose The Right Balustrade – Infographic

Choosing the right balustrade system for your home can seem like an impossible task. There are different variations of the product for many applications, so you often don’t know where to start; that’s fine! We’ve created this infographic to make your life easier.

Take a look now, and you should gain a better understanding of what type of balustrade system best suits your needs.

Copy the Notes:

    1. Consider where you are going to place the balustrade – around a pool, balcony, deckingor stairs. Also the geographical location will have an impact if you are having a Stainless Steel balustrade, as those who are situated within a 10 mile distance from salt water will need a Mirror polish finish as opposed to the Satin polish finish.
    2. Measure the area accurately and whenever possible supply pictures of the space on the property where the balustrade will be going. Also check what kind of base you will be fixing the balustrade to as this will dictate what type of balustrade you can have.
    3. Search online to find styles and concepts that catch your eye. Check what customisation options are available with different balustrades. Are you after a glass infillor alternatives such as wire and spindles?
    4. Print any images you find and store them in a folder.
    5. Make a decision between different materials. Glazed/stainless steel/aluminum/ or combinations.
    6. Work out how much you can afford to spend.
    7. Consider any safety/aesthetic/maintenance issues. All SHS glass is Toughened but Toughened Laminated glass is also available. Stainless Steel and Powder Coated Aluminium are low maintenance.
    8. Visit reputable suppliers and take your images, check for their accreditations such as the Guild of Mastercraftsmenand British Stainless Steel Association.
    9. Obtain quotes and compare to find the best deal.
    10. Order your balustrade and book your installation date.



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