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How to look after your composite decking boards

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Partnered with Deckmasters, SHS can offer you durable, high-quality, and environmentally-sourced composite decking boards for your landscape projects for both domestic and commercial spaces.

Decking boards can be a lovely addition to your garden or building offices for a zoned-out sitting area. They are a very easy addition, and all our decking boards undergo strict quality and structural testing processes to ensure they are of the very best quality.

Composite decking boards are robust, weather-resistant and one of their key benefits is that they require little maintenance to look good as new. Here are some tips on how to keep your decking in a flawless condition all year round:

How to protect your decking in winter:

The attraction of composite decking is its longevity and resistance to extreme weather conditions. While maintenance isn’t essentially required, we have a few suggestions to protect your decking in winter.

During the winter months, fallen debris can settle on your decking. So, even though our decking boards have high anti-slip ratings, debris is always best to clear rather than left to rot and even stain your decking over a long period of time.

If you want to clear snow from your decking, you can easily rinse away the residue once the snow has melted but keep in mind, if you are going to use a shovel, please make sure you are careful so that you don’t scrape your decking. It’s perfectly fine to use salt to melt ice and snow but we suggest you test a small area of your decking first.

How to protect your decking in summer:

With warm weather comes more use, more gatherings, BBQs, and the need to keep your decking looking presentable more often. Just like winter, in the summertime, a quick sweep would protect your decking from any foliage that might stain it.

An occasional power wash will also keep your decking looking great, and if your composite deck comes into contact with oil, wine or food stains just use a cleaning agent and rinse with water.

We offer fire-resistant decking, but if you’d like to add some extra safety measures, we suggest you use a BBQ mat if you are placing a BBQ on your decking.


SHS Products offers high-quality composite decking boards in a range of colours and styles to suit your vision.  Get in touch to discuss your idea with our team.


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