How To Measure A Glass Balustrade System

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This infographic offers some simple advice on how to measure a balustrade system.

Installing a glass balustrade at your home could be the perfect way of making the most of the space you have. They are often used to secure terraced areas, as a balcony or decking railings, and offer a stunning addition to your home and garden.

Not only can balustrades add an extra element of luxury, but they also help to keep everyone safe, and can appear frameless. On top of that, a high-quality glass balustrade will add value to your property and impress your guests. It’s vital to measure a balustrade correctly before you order.




Copy The ‘How to measure a glass balustrade’ Notes

  1. Grab yourself a pen, some paper and a measuring tool.
  2. Work out exactly where you would like the balustrade to be.
  3. Draw a plan of where your glass balustrade will go and include all the necessary dimensions.
  4. Mark where you want to position the end and corner posts using a 75mm distance from all edges to the centre of the post.
  5. Now mark where the mid-posts will sit based on spacings of between 1000mm and 1200mm if possible.
  6. Calculate the width of the glass panels by taking the post centres and deducting 90mm.
  7. The 90mm is based on 21mm of tube plus 15mm for the back of the glass clamp and 9mm for clearance. Multiply that by 2 for both edges of the glass.
  8. The standard height of a balustrade is 1100mm. If you require a different height, now is the time to contact a specialist and discuss your requirements.
  9. Send the details of your order and a copy of the drawing to your chosen balustrade company.
  10. Sit back, relax, and wait for your glass or steel balustrade system to be delivered.


Watch the SHS Glass Balustrade Installation Video.




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