How to use your garden all year round

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Just because the weather has changed it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to enjoy your outdoor space. Over the last few years, we have seen many of our customers turning their outdoor spaces into functional all-year outdoor living spaces with just a few small adjustments.

Here are a few tips and inspirations from our team on how to make your garden useful all year round whatever the weather:

Think all-weather exterior!

When you are designing your garden make sure to select all-weather furniture that you can use all year round and easily store when the temperature is below seating-out degrees. If you want to enjoy your garden in even cooler weather, you can also install a gas or electric heater to warm up your area:

Zone out an area with balustrades

Our balustrades are very often used to zone out outdoor areas and this is something that can also help create a cosy seating down space in the colder seasons.

Pay attention to what area of your garden gets the sun all day or a spot that gets the sunset in the evenings and work around it. Considering where the sun hits your outdoor space throughout the day can help you enjoy and make the most of sunny days all year round.

Once the space is decided you just need to make the most of it, our glass balustrades are a popular choice when our customers want a fence around their space but without the feeling of being ‘’fenced-in’’.

Balustrades are a safety measure in many cases but that doesn’t mean that you should compromise on your exterior design. Glass balustrades offer a durable, safe, and stylish option and can be used to subtly distinguish zones whilst still allowing an uninterrupted view of your garden. Here are some examples:

Glass balustrades

They can also be used to safely zone off ponds, swimming pools, jacuzzi, igloos:


Add a hot tub or jacuzzi

If you want to spend more time outdoors this autumn, you need some kind of motivation, and we think a hot tub is just the perfect motivation. Incorporating a jacuzzi or hot tub in your garden for those days that you just need to relax or take a break from everyday life is the most ideal way of taking advantage of your outdoor space in the winter.

Make sure to add safety balustrades around it that don’t disrupt your views but add that extra protection. Handrails can also be installed to help with entering and exiting the hot tub or moving around the wet floor safely.

Safe pathways

When we discuss outdoor projects with our clients, we always mention the benefits of handrails for garden pathways and steps, especially for when the weather is wet or icy. Garden pathways or staircases must have that extra safety in order to be accessible all year round.

Privacy fences and balcony balustrades

In the UK, it is common to take into consideration the impact a renovation might have on your neighbour’s privacy. This is why local authorities could often enforce a privacy screen for your balcony or terrace if it overlooks a neighbour.

That being said, privacy screens also offer you many benefits, they protect you from the weather, offer you privacy from nosy neighbours and a space in your balcony or terrace to enjoy privately in all seasons.

Sectioning off a private area of your balcony with coloured or opaque balustrades and privacy screens if needed, is a great way to create an escape zone. Add some solar lights to create a magical little space for yourself to enjoy this autumn with a book and a blanket.

Please get in touch to discuss your project with our team, we love helping our customers create their dream space. For a quick free quote use our instant tool to easily design your balustrade and get a visual quote.




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