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Ideas for adding the ultimate outdoor space to your house

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During the lockdown, people could safely enjoy fresh air outside on their patio or balcony without leaving their homes, but many of us did not have that option.

The pandemic is pushing architects to pay more attention to amenities that will give people access to fresh air safely from their home. Many people are now thinking about incorporating outdoor space into their properties or are looking to invest in a property that utilises outdoor spaces.

As we’ve previously mentioned in our top trends for this summer, we believe balconies are going to become a popular home renovation, especially if lockdown continues. Here are some ideas for adding space to your house or upgrading your existing outdoor space:

Balcony extension

In most cases, in order to add a balcony extension on your property, you’ll need planning permission. While it might add some extra cost and time to apply for the permission – a balcony planning application can take around 8 weeks to be completed – the outcome is worth it.

Balconies can transform your home, offer you a much-needed outdoor space to unwind and they are a desired asset if you are thinking of selling your property in the future. Even a small balcony can add greatly to the attractiveness of a house and give you a lovely space to have your breakfast in the mornings.

The right kind of balcony and balustrade combination can make the construction process easier and quicker. That’s why glass balustrades are the perfect design solution for balconies. Plus, the use of glass balustrades for your balcony will keep the views uninterrupted.

We suggest our Glass Button Balustrade System to add a contemporary feel to your balcony. Its minimalist style does not take away from the rest of your property and it’s easy to install.

Roof terraces

If you are lucky enough to have a rooftop, now is the time to take full advantage of everything that it offers and improve it by adding a balcony, railings, or balustrades. By simply adding a balustrade system to your rooftop, you can easily create the perfect roof terrace to hang out with friends.

A balcony will provide safety and glass balustrades will add a touch of class and protection from the elements. Plus, the glass balustrades will allow you to make the most of the rooftop view.

If you’re thinking of adding a balcony or balustrade to a flat roof, scroll through our gallery for some inspiration.

Juliet balcony

The Juliet Balcony System is the ideal option for our friends that do not have any outdoor space and don’t have the option to expand or build a balcony. The Juliet balcony creates a balcony effect without the cost of a full extension.

Even in a small loft, the extra sense of spaciousness between a straightforward window and a Juliet balcony is tremendous. The Juliet balcony invites light and fresh air into your apartment. To maximise the open effect we suggest using our stand-off button glass Juliet balcony.

The Stand off Glass Button Juliet balcony is an excellent choice if you are looking for clear views and a sleek look.

Spruce up your patio with glass balustrades

We have a lot of experience in designing bespoke balustrades for patios and gardens. Most of the time, it’s for customers that already have patios but want to improve them and create a relaxing outdoor space.

So, the first step to upgrade your patio is to make sure it is safe. Balustrades for outdoor spaces, particularly for raised patios or patios with steps, are an effective way of securing the area. Remember: our bespoke balustrades can be made to fit different heights and levels.

Glass balustrades can transform your outdoor space and one of the main benefits of using glass is that it doesn’t block out natural light. Their minimalistic look makes them an ideal addition to any garden and outdoor space.



If you are looking to fit glass balustrades in your rooftop, balcony, or garden in time for summer, we can help! Get in touch or get a free quote today. 

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