Indoor balustrades for mezzanine balconies

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A mezzanine balcony is an internal balcony or platform that overlooks your space below and is usually used in high-ceilinged spaces for spare rooms, bedrooms, a home office or studio, a staircase landing and more.

Our balustrade systems are often used for mezzanine floor balconies to add safety and to increase or renovate existing floor space without having to expand your current structures. Mezzanine floors require protection around the perimeter for safety purposes on all exposed edges.

Our glass balustrades offer a strong and secure solution while not compromising your home’s interior. Here are some more benefits of choosing glass balustrades for mezzanines:

Maintain a flow of light without enclosing your room.

Installing a glass balustrade to your mezzanine will create a seamless finish and maintain a flow of light without enclosing your room.

Upper rooms can sometimes be very dark if there is no other source of natural light, so glass balustrades are the perfect feature that won’t compromise the natural light coming from the front.

Visual transparency

The use of the glass balustrade system offers visual transparency between the floor levels which is especially important for a family home with children running between the levels or playing upstairs while the parents keep an eye on them.

Suit the decor of your building

A bespoke glass balustrade can be fitted to your mezzanine floor with a choice of fixing methods, finishes, sizes and glass options for an optimum stylish appearance that will suit your interior style. Our glass balustrades also come with a top rail if requested.


Our indoor glass balustrades create a safer space, don’t block the light, are aesthetically pleasing and require very little maintenance. They are simple to install and can transform your mezzanine floor.

Get in touch with our team if you are thinking of including glass balustrades in your internal home or office project, and we will go through all the available options and building requirements




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