Indoor inspiration: Can balustrades be used inside?

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Internal balustrade systems can create a fashionable statement in residential and commercial properties, but most importantly they can add safety in many areas in your home.

Glass balustrades are perfect for interior use and can be used to modernise your home or office with their contemporary aesthetic that is stylish yet reliable.

Glass lets natural light flow in your home, which creates bright rooms and gives the illusion of bigger spaces. Here are some examples of indoor glass balustrades and where they can be used:


Our glass balustrades are used as banisters for staircases in both commercial and domestic projects, acting as support and protection. Staircases are usually one of the main architectural features in a house, and although safety is the priority, the design of your staircase is also very essential to the overall interior of your home.

If you are looking for a balustrade for your staircase, glass balustrades are not only durable, flexible, and environmental-friendly – they are also the most aesthetically pleasing balustrades to choose from.

Glass balustrades can transform a room instantly and can easily be customised to your unique style, with opaque or frosted glass, coloured glass, mirror or satin finish and bespoke sizes.

Have a look at some of our staircase projects:

Mezzanine balconies

Glass balustrade systems can also be used for mezzanine floor balconies. Installing a glass balustrade to your mezzanine will create a seamless finish and maintain a flow of light without enclosing your room.

The system in the above picture is our Frameless glass balustrade that can also come with a top rail if requested. As you can see, the use of the glass balustrade system offers visual transparency between the floor levels.

Upper rooms can sometimes be very dark if there is no other source of natural light. Glass balustrades are the perfect feature that won’t compromise the natural light coming from the front, while also creating a wow-factor design statement.

Indoor swimming pool or jacuzzi fencing

Glass balustrades are a popular choice for pool and jacuzzi fencing indoors and outdoors as they provide an exceptionally secure barrier that is easy to maintain and affordable.

Our toughened glass is made from thick layers of glass making it durable and safe. Even if the glass fencing takes a significant hit, the glass will only crack without shattering into small pieces all over the floor. Glass also provides better visibility for keeping an eye on the children.


At SHS, we provide glass balustrades to suit a variety of budgets and design styles. Our glass balustrades can be used indoors for staircases, fencing, balconies, and other architectural and interior design projects. We offer bespoke and customisable options, so please get in touch with your idea, and we will help you create the right system for your home.




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