Introducing our new Frameless Balustrade System

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Our new Frameless balustrade system is designed with straightforward installation in mind. The system is lightweight and extremely strong making it suitable for domestic purposes or light commercial, internal, and external projects.

This frameless system can be fully installed from one side which reduces the need for expensive scaffolding or the need to use additional equipment. It is a fully adjustable system and ensures that all glass panels align on the top edge making the installation fast and easy.

The SHS Frameless balustrade system is designed for a range of glass thicknesses, both toughened and toughened laminated combinations to include 12mm, 15mm, 17.52mm, and 21.52mm.

The channel remains the same for all glass thicknesses except for the inner glass clamp kits that change according to the thickness needed.

Another benefit of choosing this new lightweight frameless design, apart from the quick and easy installation, is that it’s very competitively priced making it one of the most economical systems on the market today.

The SHS Frameless balustrade has been tested in accordance with BS6180:2011 and achieved a uniform distributed load (UDL) of 0.74kN at 1100mm high under the guidelines which makes it suitable for domestic and light commercial projects.

  • Pre-manufactured internal and external 90-degree corners are also available to avoid delays in mitre cuts.
  • Easily adjusted (+/- 10mm in both directions).
  • Anodised aluminium brushed stainless steel like finish.
  • Tested in accordance with BS6180:2011 for domestic & light commercial applications up to 0.74kN.
  • Suitable for coastal installations with its 15-micron anodised finish.
  • Suitable for 12mm, 15mm, 17.52mm, and 21.52mm
  • Available in 3-metre lengths.

Being so cost-efficient and easy to install this Frameless system is ideal for quickly enhancing your area without affecting the architectural features and natural light.

Download our Frameless Balustrade brochure here.

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Please get in touch to find out more about this system.




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